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I am writing a paper on poverty. I need to relate the role social workers play on poverty and how they can ?

alleviate poverty. So far this is my thesis statement. One of the core ethical principles of social work is that all people have a right to be treated with respect and dignity. We musty ensure that each individuals' human rights are upheld. Because each person has a right to be treated as a whole person, this requires the professional to not only be concerned with the individual, but also their family, community, and environment. Social workers work towards social justice and fairness for those individuals that are are susceptible to discrimination. inequality, and poor. They help them gain access to resources and support that enhances their well-being and helps them to become self-sufficient. Social workers must come together to change the social conditions that contribute to economic inequalities by challenging unjust policies and practices at every level. This includes making sure that those in need receive resources first, and that resources offered are distributed fairly.

Social workers are concerned with the well-being of individuals who are the most helpless in society. They work with women and children, the elderly and disbabled, individuals who are more likely to live in poverty. Not having access to resources, transportation, education and employment, and child care can contribute to them not being able to fully participate in their lives and communities. Being able to work and provide for our needs and those of our families is essential for our well-being. These individuals should not be deprived of the basic needs that can sustain a persons' life.

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    Social work is commonly construed as being similar to charity. This approach is vastly counter-productive to the society as a whole and also to the individuals being helped. Social work needs to evolve into a theme whereby each needy individual is helped on a case-by-case basis to identify the person's needs, special talents, inclinations - and then to match these with the opportunities. This needs to bring forth whether poverty is for lack of motivation, laziness, passivity - or for lack of opportunities and exposure. Social work should focus on taking care of the latter end. Unfortunately, much too resources are spent on the former - quite in vain. Social workers need to know their abilities and what is truly not in their sphere of influence.

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    We need to focus on why people are in poverty. These days alot of times fathers leave and don't support the children they make. Most of the people in poverty are women and children.Other times people are lazy and unmotivated.Sometimes people use their disability as a way to get benefits. I am a single mom with an autoimmune disorder and I work.

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    The difference between most poor people and rich people is that rich people have more money. Most social workers who work with poor people are just acting as monitors to make sure government regulation are complied with by people receiving benefits. The people who are poor because they are are on drugs, chronically ill, or alcoholic need professional help which few social workers are trained to provide.

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