How could we be in the End of Times, if life is better than ever?

In human history, life has never been as easy as it is now. We live longer, we can cure most diseases, we can connect with anybody all over the globe, we are more educated and informed than ever before.

As a percentage of the total human population, the smallest amount of people die per day.

Why, if we are obviously the luckiest generation in human history, do so many people speak of all those "signs" of the End of Times?


Smiling & Morganie: 200 years ago, hundreds of millions of people died from smallpox. We have always had wars, and more so than we do today. Percentage-wise the lowest % of humanity lives in poverty, etc, etc.

Basically: you can pick any day in human history, and on that day the total human population was worse off than we are today.

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    100 million died in war the last hundred years.

    Millions more died from disease and the threat of superbugs resilient to antibotics are a big threat.

    The enviroment is stripped and food is coming in shorter supply. The ecology is mismanaged.

    Billions are in poverty without proper sanitation.

    Terrorism is massive now and weapons of mass destruction are more certain to be used now that ever.

    Societies globally are riddled with crime and lawlessness more than ever before.

    It may look cosy from a first world life in relative afforded comfort but globally the world is in a bigger mess than ever.

    The smallest life lost to richer countries with better conditions and proper medical treatment but alas those are the lucky few million compared to the billions who never have such privilages.

    Jehovah will not tolerate this wicked system even if it benefits a very few because he will "bring to ruin those ruining the earth." (Revelation 11:18)

    Edit: Yes we have had wars but Jesus said "that nation will rise against nation." Never before in history has this become more apparant than the two world wars massacre.

    Over a 100 years ago nobody knew of a world war and more people died in the 20th century of war than all the wars before put together in human history.

    More people live on the poverty line than are wealthy enough to even afford basic needs such as clean water and enough food.

    I think you see the world through rose tinted glasses. The majority of the world can only dream to have a doctor, dentist, clean home, plenty of food and clean water out of a tap.

    You should really do some research on the massive problem of poverty.

    Source(s): Turn on the news and say it is getting better.
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    As Smiling said in his edit. More people were killed in war in the last century than all the wars before PUT TOGETHER!

    Millions of people live in dire poverty.

    You live in the comfort of a country which affords food, water, medical care, and welfare checks. Yet disease is a massive killer even in first world countries never mind third world countries. Heart disease, thrombosis and cancer are still the biggest killers despite medical care.

    You really have your sums wrong. Things are not better at all. News reports all over the world is all about corruption, death, crime, disease, terrorism and war.

    In the past poverty was not on the global scales as we see everyday. Famine is a great threat not only to poor nations but food shortages and price rises are affecting even rich nations. The poor countries are in unpayable debt.

    This planet is totally mismanaged and butchered for $$$$. This world is run badly and totally sucks. Hardly anything is good on the news anymore.

    We are nowhere near curing most diseases. We can hardly cure any disease. Some people survive with medical treatment but most die eventually or delays death.

    The biggest diseases are still killing the most people despite medical advances.

    Most people cannot afford medical treatment anyway, and live in a country where their government can't pay it.

    You seem clueless to the state of this planet. I wish I had your ignorance it would make me sleep better at night.

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    Maybe life has become too easy! There is no respect for the elder generation anymore and everyone is spoiled to death! Too many mod cons and too many do gooders - (people who think they can stick their noses in other people's affairs and cause more harm than good). We live in very dangerous times, times that are prophesied in the Holy Bible. All what is happening has got to come to pass. Life is going to take a severe downturn. The life of plenty is being plundered by greedy rich barons who want to get richer at our expense. Then you have the Arab world who seek to destroy Yeshua's land of Israel off the face of the map. Old morals and biblical principals have been exchanged with lawlessness and a corrupt ecumenical movement that is drawing the undiscerning into the Romish institution. Materially, we are a lot better off but spiritually, we have become destitute and wanting. The point is we need to turn back to the Bible and give our lives over to the one true saviour, The Lord Jesus Christ. He alone is the way of salvation. There is salvation in no other! We must confess our sins and ask the Lord Jesus to forgive us. Once we acknowledge our sinful nature and trust Jesus to forgive us, our lives will be transformed and we will be a lot better! We are told in God's Word to consider our ways. When we compare our (easy) ways, we find out that God's ways may seem hard and long but He takes our hand and guides us every step of the way. Let's follow Him!

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    the ends of times are a myth the only thing that will end human life is a asteroid or a plague and god can not interfere because it can not stop life or death people just get to paranoid over things like the gaza for example they have been fighting for years they will never stop so just need to get over it and live their own life's their is no holy land no giant temple will ever be built russia and the arabs will never join forces do to the fact they hate each other and ian which jesus their is more then one so get a life and put down the bible and get outside for a while and to everybody who believes in the end of times or the rapture live your life help people do good deeds do not worry about the end or death no one knows when the end will happen it could be tomorrow or it can be in a million years just stop worrying about it.

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    We are also in the most dangerous times in all of history.People all over the world with nuclear weapons, and others very willing to use them if they ever get their hands on them.We speak of those signs because the bible tells us that in the end times Israel would once again be a nation.That happened in 1948. And it also tells us of a russian and arab alliance that wiould come against the mountains of Israel.That is in the works as we speak.So, we do not have just a feeling of the end times, but the evidence in God's word, which is our authority.

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    There is a difference btwn physical hardships and spiritual hardships.

    It might be easier to live right now but is it easier to stay spiritually "pure"? Not really. Look at how easy it is to gain access to something as spiritually destructive as pornography.

    When life gets easier then that usually means people have more time and money to spend on things that pull them away from God.

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    We may have more technology, but that doesn't make us smarter or lucky. And as far as living longer, no one in recent history has come close to living as long as those in early biblical times. Not even close to reaching their middle age.

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    Some need the specter of death & destruction to feel noble and alive. Christianity is perhaps the most guilt-ridden, negative religion on Earth.

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    I certainly don't believe in the end times, but whether life is good depends on your perspective.

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    But that's exactly why we're in the end times. When things are going our way (like in Babylon) that's when God in his infinite wisdom, smites us for being uppity.

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