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Are global warming deniers becoming increasingly desperate in their arguments?

The denier "top answerer" in this section in his most recent question claimed

"Many times here you hear that students that fail Chemistry, and Physics go into Climatology because it's easier to pass."

I read most of the questions in this section of YA and have never seen anyone make this claim, nor have I seen anyone make it elsewhere. Which is not surprising, since it's a completely absurd claim.

Climate science requires a strong understanding of physics and chemistry. As pegminer noted in responding to the question, in order to obtain a doctorate in climate science, one needs to have a degree (typically a Master's) in physics, chemistry, or engineering. Obviously to obtain such a degree, you need to pass the classes and gain a very good understanding of the subject.

So this makes me wonder why the denier "top answerer" would make such a statement and why his fellow deniers would agree with it. Is it a desperate tactic to discredit all climate scientists, since virtually all of them agree that humans are causing global warming? Do deniers really believe that climate scientists are physics and chemistry flunkies?

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  • Ken
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    We all know that the "top answerer" has probably never taken any college level science (or math), so I wouldn't consider such statements from him/her seriously (I doubt anyone else does either).

    Overall, I don't think the level of arguments has changed much at all. There seems to be a semi-regular new batch of doubters that come along and try to resurrect long dead arguments that they've stumbled across for the first time.

  • 4 years ago

    Hmm. Now THAT is an easy way to make $10K. How difficult is it to point out that the IPCC "science" is to vehemently state that jostling a thermometer to change it's mercurly level will alter the temperature in a room. Anthropogenic global warming---proof that a mind is a terrible thing to waste.

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    No we "deniers" are not increasingly more desperate.

    In fact, the largest amount of snow that has fallen in 30 years in Las Vegas, makes you "global warming fanatics" look even more desperate.

    The computer generated models have not predicted any cooling.

    The latest reports are that the CO2 is repelling the heat instead of absorbing the heat.

    You guys want it both ways, CO2 makes it hotter, CO2 makes it colder.

    Ok, let's call it a wash, CO2 DOES NOTHING.

    Roy Spencer (second link) doesn't agree, and neither do the 31,000 scientists who have signed the petition at the link below.

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    Sorry Dana, I think they are absolutely right.

    It is well known that the worst students become climatologists. Whereas in order to post on a web site, like this one, someone has to possess a vast knowledge of almost about everything -and without even having to go to university...

    All these accusations about climatologists being "leftists" remind me of Hitler accusing Einstein for "Hebrew physics" when Albert published the Relativity Theory.

    I agree with another poster here that these fellows are trolls. We should report them for abuse if we want Y! A to be a serious and helpful site.

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  • 1 decade ago

    First off not all scientist belief in Global warming. A considerable amount do as well as probably about 100% of climate scientist who rely on federal money to continue there research as well as there employment. I am not saying that there is NO truths to Global warming I'm just saying that it's a bit over blowned. In the 80's if you didn't recycle and start driving more fuel efficient vehicles we were not going to make it to the millennium. Well welcome to the last year of the first decade of the new millenium.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Actually, I think they plateaued about six months ago, and the general level of desperation is about the same. I think the answerer you refer to has a Rolodex full of inane questions and just pulls one blindly from the stack when its question time.

    I don't think anyone who's done the homework or associated professionally with climate scientists believes that they are any less learned than other scientists. Granted, some graduate toward the top of their class, others toward the bottom, and there's a whole lot in between. This forum's resident "Dr." is a bottom feeder, and apparently feels the need to denigrate others to satiate his/her own ego. Whatever.

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    i love your question, i was considering asking something like this myself, but could not think how to word it, as to make it not sound like a complete dig at dr jello, especially after asking the question you have highlighted.

    You are totally right it is a completely absurd claim, and i have been reading alot of dr jello answer and know that he cannot back them up with evidence, and alot of his answers can be proved wrong by doing some simple research.

    I think he is trying to discredit climate scientists, yes, and i think he is only a top contributor because he answers alot of questions to people, who do not want to hear that global warming could be influenced by men!

    Deniers will believe anything that means that the world is not under threat, and totally dont realise that even if you take away anthropogenic climate change, we have many other environmental problems which need to be looked at.

    To be the top contributor in this cateogorary obviously doesnt mean you need to be the most knowledgable.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    If I had to choose a science to major in (out of those choices), I would choose climate science too!

    Edit: I found this! Looks like physics and chemistry are required courses for a degree in climatology--but it doesn't say you have to get separate degrees in them as well (it would be strange if you did)!


    Source(s): Hate physics and chemistry.
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    People believe what they want to believe. They have to be in the middle of crisis before they admit something is actually happening, like global warming. We have been having some cold winters. So that gives cause for denial. Well, in my studies I learned that the more fresh water that gets into the Atlantic Conveyor, the colder it will be for a few years. The Atlantic Convey er is becoming full of fresh water because of the melting of Greenland and Arctic polar ice.

  • Tim J
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    1 decade ago

    Not really... The dramatic weather changes due to lack of sun spot activity is actually doing the job for us...

    Also, if climate science is so good, then why did none of the models predict the current cooling trends? Why, because the current models are flawed and they know it...

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