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MLB baseball 2k8 poll (wii)?

What is your favorite baseball field in mlb 2k8 and why.

Does it show cool things before the game?

Does it do anything special?


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    Yankee Stadium

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    l. a. Angels of Anaheim - Seattle Mariners Houston Astros - St. Louis Cardinals Oakland Athletics - Seattle Toronto Blue Jays - crimson Sox Atlanta Braves - Giants Milwaukee Brewers - Cubs St. Louis Cardinals - Cubs Chicago Cubs - triumphing Tampa Bay Rays - Yankees Arizona Diamondbacks - Dodgers l. a. Dodgers - Mets San Francisco Giants - Dodgers Cleveland Indians - Twins Seattle Mariners - Angels Florida Marlins - The followers ny Mets - Yankees Washington Nationals - revenue regulations Baltimore Orioles - crimson Sox San Diego Padres - Dodgers Philadelphia Phillies - Santa Claus... Mets Pittsburgh Pirates - those painter caps from the 70's (Braves) Texas Rangers - A's Boston crimson Sox - Yankees Cincinatti Reds -Phillies Colorado Rockies - Dodgers Kansas city Royals - Cardinals Detroit Tigers - Indians Minnesota Twins - Indians Chicago White Sox - Cubs ny Yankees - crimson Sox

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    to MIA305: It's Angel Stadium. I like Fenway Park Because of the Green Monster and how I know the crowd is rowdy and they get pissed when me and the Yankees beat them.


    Just for the record, I don't have a Wii so nobody call me gay.

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    I like playing at the polo grounds. such a fun stadium to play at. and btw I have a wii and i don't care if you guys call me gay, you guys are probably in the closet and ashamed so you call other people gay to feel better about yourselves

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    Nobody cares about baseball video games in this section, trust me

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    this inspired me to get a 360

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    wii is gay and my favorite one is i forgot the name but its where the angels play

  • 1 decade ago

    U.S. cellular field.

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