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Benjamin Button Lightning Guy! All seven times?

We were watching The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (which is amazing!!) and we were wondering if it showed all seven of the times when that man was struck by lightning... We only counted six but does anybody know if they showed all seven?

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    1. Once, when I was fixing a leak on the roof.

    2. Once, when I was crossing the road to get the mail...

    3. Once, when I was in a field tending to my cows.

    4. Once I was sitting in my truck listening to the radio.

    5. Once, I was walking my dog along a country road.

    6. Cutscene at the end

    That's all there is from the script and I don't remember any more from the movie.

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    I only saw six but you already knew that I only saw six because we watched it together.

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