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FAFSA? What if your parents are slighly wealthy?

Federal Student Aid (something)

What if your parents make a lot of money?

Lets say 70,000 or 80,000/ year - will you get anything?

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    Yes, I'm in the same situation as you and i will probably get about 15-20% of my tuition covered by FAFSA and PROFILE (at a private liberal arts school). But look around at small scholarships that you can apply for, a couple of easy 2000 or 3000$ scholarships will really make a difference.

    If you're going to a public or state university, FAFSA will not make as much of an impact.

    In general they consider how much money your family is ABLE to contribute based on all of your finances and values of your house, car, etc. and then decide how much extra help you would need to prevent a hindrance on your family budget.

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    um if ur parent are married and that's how much they make TOGHETER yes

    but if ur parents are not togheter and never been married, and say... ur dad makes 80,000.. yes still

    as long as they don't go over 80,000 ur good

    but u may only get PELL which is about $4,000 at MOST... so u should go to a CC the first 2 years to save money

    and speak with a FA consuler at the school of ur choices

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    You'll still qualify for academic scholarships, and you'll still qualify for plenty of loans. You just won't qualify for many need-based scholarships.

    Which is as it should be. There's plenty of kids trying to go to college whose parents don't earn even 1/2 of what your parents do. More of the money should go to them.

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    In my experience, FAFSA will not get you any help unless you're on food stamps.

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    probably not

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