Whatever happened to Michael Schoeffling the guy who played the hottie Jake Ryan in Sixteen Candles?

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    He did all of these films:


    Racing with the Moon (1984) as Amputee soldier (uncredited)

    Sixteen Candles (1984) as Jake Ryan

    Vision Quest (1985) as Kuch

    Sylvester (1985) as Matt

    Belizaire the Cajun (1986) as Hypolite Leger

    Let's Get Harry (1986) as Corey Burck

    Slaves of New York (1989) as Jan

    Longtime Companion (1990) as Michael

    Mermaids (1990) as Joe Porretti

    Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken (1991) as Al Carver

    By all accounts I have seen, Michael all but gave up acting... mostly because no lucrative roles were being offered. Which I still can't fathom.

    But he has landed on his feet and is living in northeastern Pennsylvania (I've heard it's either Wilkes-Barre or Greentown) where he has a business building and selling hand-crafted furniture.

    There have been rumors that there is a movie, '32 Candles' in the works by the USA Network. It's basically 'Sixteen Candles' down the road. Anthony Michael Hall has reportedly said he would appear.

    Would Michael appear? I would doubt it. His character wasn't even in the proposed script. But that doesn't mean he couldn't appear in a cameo. Then again, Michael does like his privacy.

    sorry it's such a long answer! Hope it's helpful!

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    Whatever happened to Michael Schoeffling the guy who played the hottie Jake Ryan in Sixteen Candles?

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    Whatever Happened To Jake Ryan

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    What Happened To Michael Schoeffling

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    Ahhh Jake Ryan! How I crushed on him when I was a teenager! I would love a 16 candles reunion! All the women my age would! Anthony Michael Hall turned out to be not such a nerd afterall! And John Cusack too! They can steal my undies any time!

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    I saw him on the greatest teen stars on vh1. They said he is teaching acting classes now. I think

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    On the couch at home..

    Eating chocolate popsicles?

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