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NBA Draft Players Choosing?

I know how the NBA Draft itself works, but how do the players get chosen/selected to go to the NBA draft?

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    they dont get selected to go to the nba draft, they ARE SELECTED BY TEAMS IN THE NBA DRAFT...they talk with their head coach, scouts, couple of nba teams and their family...if their advice is yes you should go into the nba draft because you have a great chance of being picked then so they will give u this paper which tells you your projection to be drafted like the first round or the late second round ya...then if you want to join the nba draft you file out the paperwork u no check your backround where you live what college did you go to...ya if your coaches and stuff say dont sign an agent, because if you do then u cant play college ball anymore because you went pro by signed an agent. then when the college season is over you go to camps then teams will scout u then some teams who are interested in you will talk to you, give you advice and show you around the team then when draft night comes you sit at madison square garden or at home if you couldnt go and then you wait until your name is called then your picked...if your not picked by an nba team out of all of the 60 picks you are called undrafted and are a free agent... the part about not signing an agent only lasts until you dropout or enter the nba draft if you enter you become a pro and if you dropout you go back to college

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    the players have to declare for the draft and sign the appropriate paperwork and submit it to the nba which, upon completion and approval, makes them draft eligible..

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