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on/in/at Christmas holiday, which one is correct?

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    Evidence 1: Go to Yahoo!Dictionary and type Christmas. It will only say "at Christmas" instead of "on Christmas"

    Evidence 2: Go to Google and type "at Christmas". There have many sentences with the words" at Christmas". And if you type "on Christmas", all the results are not even related to that.


    Please note that Festivals are not Days, unlike Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday...It is a SPECIFIC day. Therefore we use "at"

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    *I mean Festivals are NOT LIKE days. Festivals are like more special than just days. Use "at" instead of "on"

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    "on" is correct. We use "on" on the word"day". Holiday is a day. Holidays are days.

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    No no no. Holidays use on right? I know that christmas uses at but look, christmas here refers to the holidays, not christmas. Christmas is an adjective here. So, the point is the holiday. For example, in the desk drawer. Clearly, in refers to the drawer, not the desk.

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