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在國外的突發狀況要怎麼處理? (含中英 )

這是某面試的題目... (害我想了好久...) 有留學或是曾待國外的大大幫忙解惑一下

除了中文回答, 希望另外提供英文的回答

一. 如果你在國外迷路了你會怎麼辦 ?

二. 如果你在國外遇到搶劫 , 你會怎麼做?

就這兩個問題 , 感謝大大們

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  • 1 decade ago
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    一. 如果你在國外迷路了你會怎麼辦 ?


    Enjoy the great occasion to be with the nature,exploring in the unfamiliar circumstance.Then,calm down myself,after a while,seeking the right way to my hotel.

    二. 如果你在國外遇到搶劫 , 你會怎麼做?


    I would call the police first and then require my friends to help me, after that, I would notify my family the situation I have met.

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