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PU Pouring:

Because the processing of PU Pouring is simple and the requirement of that is low, the cost is comparatively lower. Owing to the bad PU molecules penetration of PU Pouring, directly fusing it together with other material is not suggested. You can respectively produce each individual component (sole for example) first and then assemble all the individual components together with adhesive. Although the cost is low, the defect rate is high and components are easy to come apart.

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    PU Pouring

    The Products cost using PU Pouring method would induce rather low than the previously said PU-DSI method, it is due to the requirements for the processing are mostly general and relatively lower than PU-DSI. This method is not suitable for melting with the other external material with different features. However, it may go individually each item (for example: the shoe bottom alike), and then put them together with the shoe face item by adherents. Of course it cuts the cost naturally, but it goes unavoidably peeling items apart and causing high rate of deficiencies.

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