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Do You Agree With These Movies Being Great?, BFI, Metacritic, and Cannes are releasing a collaborative project to PBS Television to be aired in May called "Forgotten Perfection: 20 Classics Time Forgot"...over 250 sindicated movie critics formed the average for their poll, and BFI apparently leaked the top-3 this past week...

3.- "Indo Chine" (French film, made 1980's)

2.- "M" (German film, made 1940's)

1.- "The Straight Story" (American film, made 1990's)

Being British I haven't seen ANY of these top-3.

Two questions...

#1- Have any of you seen any of them?

#2- If you have seen one of them, do you agree it's a masterpiece?

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    I've never seen any of them, sorry.

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    M is one of the most important and influential films ever made. I recommend watching it.

    And The Straight Story is very moving. An old-fashioned, well-told yarn. Can't believe it was directed by David Lynch...

    A bit of a strange list though. The Straight Story's wonderful and all, but the ultimate, all-time forgotten cinematic masterpiece? Not so sure...

    Haven't seen the other.

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