why does everyone always brag they are writing a novel or a book?

I mean really it makes me crazy when people start a story and they are on page 3 and they talk nonstop about this great book they are writing.

i've written things where the shortest chapter was like 20 pages size 10 font. I never call my stuff books or novels.

its not a book or a novel till its published!

lol. I dont know why it bother me. Anyone can write a 12 page story and call it a book. it takes a real writer to actually publish that book.

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    because people are truly excited about it, it's quite a big deal. and im not sure i would call it bragging either, most people are just excited and really have nothing else to call their writing, which they envision as ending up novel-length

    and unless they actually have finished something and its only 3 pages long, they have every right to call it a book. just because something isnt finished doesnt mean it doesnt exist. is an unfinished painting still called a painting? yes it is. so why cant an unfinished book still be called a book? or a better example, does a pregnant woman have a baby? according to what your definition, no, because the child isnt "finished".

    and who are we to judge how good published stuff is? harry potter got rejected countless times while several pieces of awful writing are allowed to slip pass (like brisingr...gleaming example of terrible writing). some of the world's greatest novel were rejected countless times, and who knows what other potentially great works were turned down? it takes a "real" writer to finish a book, its an exhausting process that few accomplish. a writer isnt "fake" because they arent published.

    i think you should just deal with this "bragging" and realize people may have different opinions in terms of what defines a book.

  • luvurs
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    I think it's a psychological thing.. A lot of people believe/are taught that if you have a goal and you tell someone about it, you're that much more likely to succeed because if you don't, you look bad for saying it. I too, believe that it's not a novel or a book until it's been published. It just doesn't sound honest when you're on a date and he's like, "I've written three novels.." and you find out he works at a fast food joint and has scattered pieces of writing that haven't been seen by anyone beside him. I'm sick of all the questions like, "I'm writing a book, can you tell me what the plot should be? The characters personalities? The ending? The climaxes?" If you're going to write a book, come up with your OWN ideas. Not everyone's destined to write a book, FIND WHAT YOU'RE GOOD AT.


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    I think you take what people are saying in the totally wrong way. For example, it has always been my dream to publish a book and am working on one now. I have posted this information before when asking for guidance on various writing processes. I have been devoloping the ideas for years. I am not bragging about writing a book, and nor have many of the other people I have seen posting on Y!A. More often then not, they are simply asking a question. I think you are misinterpreting their motives, and making huge assumptions. For all you know they have been doing research for months, and have only just started the actual writing. that doesn't mean they aren't dedicated or serious. Why should it bother you so much anyway, if they are happy with their creations then who are you to judge?

    addtionally, you can very well write a book and never have it published. Many writers write for the sheer joy it brings them, and never intend to publish. Furthermore, a written work doesn't have to be published for it to be a book.

    According to dictionary.com, a book is:

    1. a written or printed work of fiction or nonfiction, usually on sheets of paper fastened or bound together within covers.

    2. a number of sheets of blank or ruled paper bound together for writing, recording business transactions, etc.

    3. a division of a literary work, esp. one of the larger divisions

    It doesn't say anything about needing to be published to be considered a book.

  • Anonymous
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    I agree with you that people shouldn't really brag about writing a novel when they are on page three, but I disagree with your opinion here, last line of your questions : "it takes a real writer to actually publish that book" I think that to be a writer all you have to do is write. Being published can actually sometimes turn good writers bad as they are no longer just writing they are trying to write to please people and end up screwing up what could be a great book.

    Source(s): Studying Professional Writing, Publishing and Editing.
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    There are probably a variety of reasons why people do this, or something similar like composing a great song - at least the first two bars. And maybe bragging is a component of why they do it. But I think the real answer is much simpler. Everyone has a longing to create. Everyone has an artist inside of them. And when we let that artist out, fearlessly, it feels so good that we want to confirm and share it.

    I used to be somewhat contemptuous of the actions you describe, but now I realize how deeply human it is to want to create something and be recognized for it. It may be hard to restrain our annoyance with the behavior we see as bragging, but if we see that person as an artist blocked by mediocrity, lack of drive or some other hapless flaw we can look on their effort with compassion.

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    Maybe because they are proud at a young age to be writing a book. Maybe its like inventions. Kids make things that help the world and maybe accomplish things that no one was capable of doing. I am writing a book, and I am only 13. Just think of the amount of pleasure they would get from everyone, making money and doing something they like to do. Yeah they are young but it takes more than 12 pages to be an author.

  • C
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    I am writing a thesis for my Masters and don't brag about it. And I guarantee my thesis is 50 times larger than any of these authors on a whim on Yahoo answers novel. I don't brag because it is a living hell, nothing to brag about with that.

    But on a serious note, I have noticed that too. I think it is great people are being creative and writing, but I don't think some people realize the dedication, strength and insanity it takes to write and publish. I also don't think many of these young "attempted" authors on here realize some of the greatest authors in the world spend years researching, developing and writing their work. It is not created on a whim. But they want the attention and to feel special. It is kinda lame.

  • Anonymous
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    I've written a novel, and it's 80,000 words, slightly longer than the first Harry Potter book. I'm now working on my second book, which is 60,000 words, and counting, while I edit the first one.

    As a child and teenager, Charlotte Bronte wrote a whole host of extremely long, unpublished stories, and called them all 'her books'. She called her novel, Jane Eyre, 'a book' long before it was published, and even before it was finished. Jane Austen was the same way, she called her works 'novels', and some of them weren't published until after she died.

    Basically all writers today, from J.K. Rowling to Stephen King, called their books, 'books', long before they were published.

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    I do that all the time- well I don't brag, but I let people know.

    mainly because I want people to know that all the time I'm spending on my computer isn't cause I'm a geek, but because I'm working on a novel .

    ahah, and sometimes because I feel proud that I'm not wasting my time [FOR ONCE]

    And it is a book or novel even before it's published.. it's just not a published book or novel till it's published. i think .

    But yeah, i agree with your last statement . ;D


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    People probably brag cause they are proud of it I guess. But, when they have like, 2 sentences, how can they say "I'm writing this 100 page novel." Seriously. My friend's do that, and then the next day, they say "I was tired of writing it, so now I have a new one!" LOL

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