What are the requirements for getting into Trinity College in Dublin?

I've visited this college and looked into it and it's my number one college choice so far, but I don't know what the requirements are for getting in such as GPA and SAT scores. So if anybody knows please tell me :)

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  • 1 decade ago
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    this is the page for International Students applying to Trinity. It's quite confusing if you're not an Irish student as we have basic matriculation requirements to meet and after that we only need a certain number of Leaving Certificate Points to get into certain degrees.

    Below are the contact details for the International office in Trinity.

    +353 1 896 3150


    +353-1 6771698

    Also, Trinity has an open day towards the end of the academic year, so if you do decide to apply it would be really worth your while to come over and see the place for yourself. It really gives you a sense of what the college is like. Good luck!

  • 5 years ago

    Trinity is a prestigious school, so the first thing you will need to do is secure good enough grades to even be considered for acceptance. You will be able to attend, but as a foreign student it will cost you a small fortune every year, and that's not even factoring in the extra costs you will incur. I would say roughly that it will be 20,000 Euro to 30,000 per year... Let's just say 25,000 euro/year. That's 36,000 USD times four. You're looking at a $150,000 undergraduate degree. Only after you've spent that money can you think about getting a masters degree. I'm not sure about scholarships, you would need to contact the people involved in them directly to see if an american one will fund your schooling in Ireland. There are also international scholarships that you can look into possibly getting. As for working, I don't think it is allowed. You will be in the country on a student visa, which doesn't allow for work (and if it does, it will only allow for set amount of hours/week) Check out their website if you want more information...

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