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Question about BPA free?

My son uses Soothie pacifiers (sue me) like the ones in the hospital.

I went to the store to buy more today and there was a pack of soothies that were blue and marked "BPA Free"

I thought all pacifiers had to be BPA free?

I bought the BPA free ones and phased out the old ones.

But just curious, why do they even bother making the non-BPA free ones?

Why not just make all Soothies BPA free?


E Jones:

If the products are the exact same price, why would I skip over the safer product?

Your logic makes no sense

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    Soothie pacifiers do not contain BPA. BPA is a product found in PLASTIC - BPA is a chemical that makes things hard and rigid . . . the Soothie pacifiers like the ones from the hospital are all silicone - they are soft. There is no hard plastic parts. The nipple part of all pacifiers and bottles do not contain BPA - it is the plastic part the nipple attaches to on some pacifiers or the baby bottle itself which may contain BPA.

    In the US, it is still ok for manufacturers to sell BPA products. . . but manufacturers also know that most parents are being cautious and are LOOKING for BPA Free labels. Soothie also makes bottles that used to contain BPA so they were being slammed for that . . .

    Some pacifiers with plastic parts do contain BPA . . . while the Soothie pacifier NEVER contained BPA (or any plastic parts), they are throwing the label on so that people will not think they do contain it and buy a different brand. The ones without the label are probably just older packaging. It's just marketing. You saw it on the shelf, you saw that it said BPA free and you bought it . . . the concern is that if they did not have the label and left it right next to the Avent ones that say BPA Free at Babies R Us . . . that you will switch brands.

    Keep using your Soothie pacifiers - the old ones, the new ones - it makes no difference for this type!

    Source(s): Have 4 month old twins - one will ONLY use Soothie pacifiers and the other likes Avent. I have switched to BPA Free plastics . . . doesn't hurt and Babies R Us will exchange BPA bottles for the same BPA Free version at no charge - no receipt or box required.
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    Soothie pacifiers have always been BPA free. Soothies are made of silicone. Polycarbonate plastics ( hard shiny clear plastic) have BPA. The companies are just marking everything BPA free because so many people don't know what has BPA and what doesn't.

    The Blue soothie are for babies 6 months and up they are thicker than the green soothies

  • No baby products have to be BPA free. There is no law on the books. I try and buy as much BPA free stuff as I can, especially when it comes to something going in my kid's mouths. I recently switched over to aluminum and BPA free plastic sippy cups. I don't think it's necessarily a "marketing ploy" if you are buying your baby something safer. I don't believe the plastics industry when they say BPA is harmless.


    BPA may be a carcinogen, but the worst part (I think) is that it interferes with hormones and how they work in the body. That is a BIG problem in my book. Hormones help with everything from growth to digestion to reproduction. It is a problem. The reason this stuff is in plastic is because it's cheaper. It leaches out into the liquid you put into the bottles. Washing bottles (pacifiers, etc) degrades the plastic and makes the leaching worse. Look at the world around you, how many people have cancer nowadays (a virtually unheard of disease 150 yrs ago)? I do think it has something to do with this chemically saturated society we live in.

    Source(s): mom to 2 yr old and 7 month old
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    In the US not everything has to be BPA free, The US considers the amounts of BPA in the products to be harmless. However, Health Canada has recently decided to make it mandatory that all baby products be BPA free. I'm guessing the BPA plastic is cheaper to use than non BPA which is probably why companies are still using it.

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    I went to Walmart today, and bought teething toys that were marked BPA free. I am in Canada, where all BPA is banned. But just to be on the safe side, I bought the BPA free ones.

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    I think they are all BPA free now...? I think it's just an advertising thing to put that on the bottle so you think it's better than the other ones, but the thing is...ALL the other ones have BPA free too.

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    because not all people buy in to the hype that paranoid fanatics promote. BPA may cause cancer in mice but a mouse compared to human is a big ratio you would have to eat a 24 pack of plastic bottles to even begin experience the effect of the chemical and i think the plastic if self would kill you first. i mean if it makes you feel better then spend the extra money but not everyone is so brainwashed as to buy every new "safer product" on the market. some people still want the regular bottles.

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    it's a marketing ploy designed to get parents to buy the product.

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