Where can I find a blank lesson plan template for young toddlers (18 to 24 months)?


We are required to have a lesson plan for our young toddlers.

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    IMHO Toddlers don't need lesson plans. Neither do a lot of older kids. The best thing you can do is intersperse a variety of reading stories, doing fine and gross motor activities, art projects, and opportunities to ask and answer questions, with plenty of active play and fresh air. They'll thrive.

    Below are a couple of links that might help you with ideas.

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    Toddler Lesson Plan Template

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    4 years ago

    Blank Preschool Lesson Plan Template

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    This Site Might Help You.


    Where can I find a blank lesson plan template for young toddlers (18 to 24 months)?

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    This may be a stupid question, but have you asked other toddler teachers or your director for a template. I know our office has several different templates to work with depending on age and time of year.

    Anyway, I did some searching and can see why you're having so much trouble finding one. I'd suggest making a simple one up yourself. Have 5 columns (for each day of the week). Then, for the rows, put the areas of development you're working on. I'm a preschool teacher but I think for toddlers it would be fairly similar. Obviously you don't have to include all of these and might be able to combine some, but things like:

    - circle time (if you do it),

    - fine motor development

    - gross motor development

    - art

    - literature/storytime

    - music & movement

    - literacy & language

    - dramatic/pretend play

    - sensory

    - math/science

    Good luck!

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    Well, if your preschool says you need lesson plans for toddlers, than yes, that means you need lesson plans, lol. Geesh. Some people think they know everything, lol. :)

    Try searching on www.perpetualpreschool.com for plans or links to them. Also preschoolrainbow is another good resource. But the perpetualpreschool one is terrific and you might find another resource or more on that site.

    Also, it is not hard to make one of your own--just do a search on your Word or Works system on your pc and make a chart--the search or help option will show you exactly how to do it. It's a cinch, and you'll get kudos for creating your own customized plan for your center. Trust me, it's easy!

    Good luck, and have fun with those tod's! They are full of fun and there is so much to love about doing activities with them, especially if you have the right supports in place.

    Source(s): Preschool teacher of 15 years, Master's degree level ECE (almost done!) www.preschoolrainbow.org www.perpetualpreschool.com http://www.lessonplans4teachers.com/PDF/individual...
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