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who do you hate in the wwe and that you cant stand?

here my list

William Regal Batista Charlie Haas CM Punk D-Lo Brown Hacksaw Jim Duggan

Hardcore Holly Jamie Noble JBL Jerry Lawler JTG Kane Kofi Kingston Lilian Garcia Manu Michael Cole Mike Knox Mr. McMahon Ron Simmons Shad Shawn Michaels Sim Snuka Stone Cold Val Venis Big Show Carlito Curt Hawkins DH Smith Ezekiel Jackson Festus

Jesse Jim Ross Jimmy Wang Yang Justin Roberts Kung Fu Naki Primo

R-Truth Ranjin Singh

Ryan Braddock

Scotty Goldman


The Brian Kendrick

The Great Khali

Triple H Umaga

UndertakerVickie Guerrero Vladimir Kozlov Boogeyman

Chavo GuerreroZack Ryder

Finlay Hornswoggle Mark Henry Matt Striker

Paul Burchill

Ricky Ortiz Theodore Long


Todd Grisham

Tommy Dreamer

Tony Atlas

Tony Chimel


no not really !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks for answerin

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    wow.. how do you know all these names?? -.-

  • Erika
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    3 years ago

    i'm so sorry you experience that way. that is not no ones fault that it sucks precise now yet Vince McMahon. he's dropping rankings and he's gonna be the dying of his very own company for how he's appearing and doing. He desires to come back in his place of work and be the Chairman. The storyline persons are dong what he tells them to. I unquestionably have a feeling that the reason they are bringing back Saturday night substantial experience is to spice up rankings yet while Vince McMahon continues to be appearing like a damn fool that is going to bypass down the rest room.he's gonna be the ruination of his very own company.look what proportion superstars have stop or have been given fired. consistent with risk they have been given fired on purpose because of the fact they could no longer stand Vince and he would not enable them to out of their contracts.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    1, John Cena (Acts like his a heroe or sumthing)

    2. Jeff Hardy (actually thinks his a champion)

    3. Matt Hardy (Thinks also as his brother and why is he in his bro's bizwacks)

  • BOB
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    1 decade ago


    Coffee Queeston

    CM Puke

    Michelle McNOTcool


    Jeff Farty

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  • Bre =]
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    1 decade ago

    so basically you hate the entire WWE

    just say that.

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