whats the worst car crash you have been in?

i have recently been in a car crash. whats the wors car crash and what happend?

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    I have only been in one -- and it was back in 2006...when Ironbowl was going on. Knock on wood. I pray it doesn't happen again.

    I am very sorry to hear you've been in one too...but honestly, you survived and although it was a very traumatic experience probably; it's probably made you a better and stronger person. It's ironic, because the girl I was in a car accident with, her name is Ashlyn.

    Anyway, we were going through a green light at the speed limit in a landboat (One of those lincoln towncars) and this douchebag ran the redlight making a left turn. He was drunk, only 20 and his license was suspended.

    Anyway, when he ran the light, we t-boned the back end of HIS truck... which caused the HUGE car to spin around in circles. We hit 3 other vehicles in the process. He was ejected from his F-250 into a field -- and walked away with a couple scratches. Where as I! had a broken nose, 25 stitches across my forehead -- which lead to permanent nerve damage. I lost a LOT of blood. The wreck happened around 8:15 and they didn't sew my head up until 2 AM! The doctor said if it would have cut my head ANY deeper, I would have died. There was BLOOD all over the seats. The whole front end was smashed in far & hard.

    I get frequent migrane and the muscle in my forehead is paralyzed. But you know what, it was just a chapter in my book. I survived. It's made me stronger and has built my character. I hope you're okay. <3

    Lots of Love and wishes,

    Answer Girl

    PS - I'm here if you need someone to talk to about this.


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    When I was 19, I was sitting in the car by myself when my dad was in the supermarket, some ugh blind idiot crashed into the back of the car.

    Wouldn't have been so bad if I wasn't sitting right at the back of the car (it was a 7 seater car). I wasn't badly injured though, I suffered whiplash and banged my head on the side panel, but nothing seriously damaging. I had a bad migraine for about 12 days after the accident.

    If I'm honest, it's damaged me psychologically more than anything, when someone reverses towards the back of my car and I do panic and go stiff against the seat and grip onto the steering wheel. I refuse to sit in the back seats of a 7 seater car and won't ever allow anyone to do so if I ever buy a 7 seater car.

    The car was a complete write-off and the guy who reversed and crashed into the car was given a 18 months driving ban and needed to retake his test.

    Sorry about your accident, hope you're not badly injured & that you recover super speedy.

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    I was in a car that literally flipped and dragged upside-down with the sunroof open. My ex lost control while playing with the radio and had had a few drinks. Stupid, I know...I was 18 and stupid. Thankfully I had my seat belt on. We had to crawl out of my passenger window because the rest of the car was smashed in. Miraculously, we were not injured. Just a few scratches and bruises.

    Moral of the story: Don't drink and drive...even if it's a few drinks, ALWAYS wear your seat belt, and pay attention to the road...NOT the radio.

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    My sister substitute into driving. We have been chickening out of our driveway and she or he crashed into this automobile parked on the sidewalk around the line. She f***ed the motor vehicle up too. She could desire to've been going speedy i assume hahahaha. The dent she put in their door substitute into the dimensions of the full door. the persons couldnt even open thier door after that. i substitute right into slightly newborn on the time.

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    Actually, my crash became world famouse. An 18wheeler hit our car, snapped my leg and nerve bundels, gave my mom a level 10 brain injuruy, and I should probobly be brain dead, paralized and turned to ash...... hmmm. Worse, GMC didn't include airbags in our car. 0.

    Source(s): Search burry car accident, we had an article in the new york tomes, so you will probably get something. Edit: type chris burry car accident, and then click the verdict thing link. It didn't include my leg, but still.
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    I thank god that i have never been in one and i hope i never will be

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