I need help finding a last name for book characters that fit, please help?

I am having a hard time finding a last name for some major roles in my story that fit. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. The names of my characters in need of last names are:

Katelyn and Emmett(i might change his name to Ethan)-brother and sister- I would prefer a elegant last name (and PLEASE do not comment on one of my characters having same first name as someone in Twilight, I simply used that name because I like that name and it fits).

Gale/Alex (still debating) - I would prefer a strong and/or rebellious last name.

Christian- I would prefer a last name that would fit a leader. So kinda Strong and powerful.

Iva/Ava(still debating)- A harsh last name would do.

Heather/Madison(still debating)- For this one i would prefer a kind last name.

If you have any other last names that don't fit any of the names I just listed I would still like you to list them for me and a name and charatistic that fits. Also if you could help me decide which name i should use for the ones I am still debating on, I would appreciated that as well. THANKS! :)

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    Katelyn and Emmett Rochester

    Gale/Alex Crow

    Christian Bekkett

    Iva/Ava Crace

    Heather/Madison Briggs

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