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What American company manufactured those Apache helicopters?

And the Hellfire missiles?

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    Apache helicopters

    Hughes Helicopters

    McDonnell Douglas

    Boeing Integrated Defense Systems


    Lockheed Martin

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    Bell on the choopers,as to the missiles Bill Fisk wrote about Hellfires extensively in his War Against Civilazation.

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    Bell Helicopter based in Corpus Christi Texas thank you. I have known several people that work there and I applied once myself having many hours in the Huey and the Ranger.

    Hard to get on. Kind of brother in law.

    A fine piece of machinery.

    In Revelations John speaks of a wasp with the head of glass and the tail with a stinger.

    Could be the Apache.

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    Bell Helicopter. They also make the Hueys that killed so many Vietnamese in the 60's. It should liquidated for war crimes.

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    I'm just aware it's a lot of profitable to make a widget in china, thanks in large part to cheaper labor costs & U.S. Fed monetary policy,no matter how high or low the Chinese tax rate maybe. I'm also aware too, a lot of American companies how to give up their technology to the Chinese government when doing business with them.

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    Bell. not sure about the missiles

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