Monroe piercing still red and swollen, how much longer?

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I dont think my piercing is infected, its forming "crusties" like I was told it would, I do salt soaks, rinse with alcohol free mouth wash, brush my teeth after meals and more
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  • :x answered 5 years ago
mine was swollen for a week. it swelled up the day after i had it pierced. it depends, its different with every person. the red ring will go away after the swelling. theres nothing you can do to shorten the time its swollen either, it will go down when its ready.

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thanks.. still waiting for the redness to go away.. can't wait till it does :/
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  • Missy<Waiting for our miracle answered 5 years ago
    i was told not to use soap on my piercings. it dries it out and can actually infect it.
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  • Ash answered 5 years ago
    I've never heard of using mouthwash before just non-idozed sea salt mixed with warm water. Make sure you are only cleaning it two or three times a day, and only move the piercing when you are cleaning it so you do not drag any crusties into the hole. Also make sure you are not sleeping on you face as that may agitate it. If you have any concerns contact your piercer and they can recommend specific things. Good luck.


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  • LaVonne answered 5 years ago
    Swelling can last anywhere from 1-4 weeks.
    It depends on the person.
    My swelling lasted a whole month >.<
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