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Fable 2 glitch HELP!?

Ok I have this glitch on fable 2 where i cant run and i cant teleport. whenever i try to fast travel it says that i cant fast travel until the screen has ended. I talked 2 a guy in the temple of light that then dispeared. Please help I cant even run or pull out my weapons. I also tryed going 2 a region but that didnt work.

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  • DLV
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    you just did a gamebreaking glitch. start a new game if you ever want to proceed. same thing happened to me. go search the internet for a list of glitches so that you can avoid them. The glitch you did is one of two gamebreaking glitches that forces people to restart the game.

  • 3 years ago

    They fastened that glitch, yet once you have a 2nd controller and make a mercenary and supply all gold and exp to you and unlearn each and all the mercenaries skills and stop your considerable guy gets the exp while the mercenary leaves.

  • ?
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    try going to one of those weapons vender guys or steal some stuff

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