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Head ache help! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH?

so here is the problem my mom never feeds me because all she get from the groceries store is what my older sister wants so my hearts so much am i not even a teenager and my mom isn't even watching me take pain pills I could cry HELP!

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    Mika K - How old are you? You say you're "not even a teenage" and you're "mom isn't even watching me take pain pills" What are you taking?

    Try sitting your mom down and saying to her in a calm voice _ Mom, I really need you to listen to me and let her know what you are feeling - see if that works - if not you should be going back to school on monday and can talk with one of your teacher there or a school nurse if you have one

    BTW - where is your father? Is he available? How about a grandma or an aunt? Can you call a relative?

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