what does "one 3-semester unit course" mean? ?

1) A total of 64 semester units of college level coursework is required for admission -------how many years does it take to complete 64 semester units

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    A 'semester unit' is a single credit granted by a college or university that uses the semester schedule. Some schools use "quarters" where there are THREE quarters per academic year, rather than two semesters.

    A full load of semester credits would be 12 credits... same for quarter credits... HOWEVER, a full year (in most cases) for a semester-using college is 30 credit hours. At a quarter-using college, it is 45 credits.

    SO, 64 semester units would be two full years of classes - with an average of 16 credits per semester.

    If you go/went to a college that uses quarters, you would have to complete just over two years - with 96 quarter credits. It's the same amount of time, they are just calculated differently.

    So to answer your bolded question above, "one, 3-semester unit" course is a single 3-credit class from a college that uses semesters.

    Source(s): My first college used quarters. When I transferred to a semester college, I learned the math, quickly!!
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    A typical college course will be 3-4 credit hours or 'units' and a full time student will take 12-15 hours a semester. I'm finishing 62-65 in 2 years, but that includes 2 summer courses for 7 credits. Depending on the classes, more than 12 hours a semester can be a lot of work. If you feel capable, 65 'units' can be accomplished in two years, but if you keep the average work load it will be 2 1/2 -3

    Source(s): student
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    A 3-semester unit course is a course that meets for three hours a week, for a full semester (which is between 16 and 18 weeks long).

    64 semester units would generally take 4 semesters, or 2 years, assuming you go to school "full-time".

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