Mario Kart Wii - how can I tell the difference between expert staff ghosts and the regular ghosts?

Mario Kart Wii - how can I tell the difference between expert staff ghosts and the regular ghosts?


I mean on the time trials - when you beat the only ghost on the time trials with enough time to spare it unlocks an expert ghost. Those are what I'm referring to.

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    Expert Ghost Times

    To unlock the Expert Ghost Times,you need to have a time anything Better than the times listed below to unlock the expert ghost times.

    So If you See the time to beat and its quicker than the times shown below it is an expert ghost time Target.

    If the Target to Beat is longer than the times shown below it is a Normal Ghost Time.


    Luigi Circuit - 1:24.411

    Moo Moo Meadows - 1:33.571

    Mushroom Gorge - 2:05.494

    Toad's Factory - 2:12.784


    Mario Circuit - 1:39.183

    Coconut Mall - 2:24.788

    DK's Snowboard Cross - 2:24.725

    Wario's Gold Mine - 2:14.932


    Daisy Circuit - 1:48.791

    Koopa Cape - 2:54.897

    Maple Treeway - 2:50.229

    Grumble Volcano - 2:19.524


    Dry Dry Ruins - 2:21.681

    Moonview Highway - 2:07.016

    Bowser's Castle - 2:55.017

    Rainbow Road - 2:59.293


    GCN Peach Beach - 1:30.698

    DS Yoshi Falls - 1:12.901

    SNES Ghost Valley 2 - 1:03.752

    N64 Mario Raceway - 2:07.915


    N64 Sherbet Land - 2:37.784

    GBA Shy Guy Beach - 1:39.255

    DS Delfino Square - 2:33.107

    GCN Waluigi Stadium - 2:24.645


    DS Desert Hills - 2:01.141

    GBA Bowser Castle 3 - 2:50.637

    N64 DK's Jungle Parkway - 2:49.028

    GCN Mario Circuit - 1:55.267


    SNES Mario Circuit 3 - 1:34.828

    DS Peach Gardens - 2:29.006

    GCN DK Mountain - 2:50.248

    N64 Bowser's Castle - 3:06.723

    *Remember these are not the normal ghost times they are the times that u need to beat

    Good luck on unlocking them all not as easy as it looks.

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    The Ghost From Mario

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    i played and i won all the races and mario kart is a racing game lol last i got the expert ghost LOL.

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    when u first beat the ghost by a certian amount of time ( i think 7 seconds) u will unlock the expert.

    the expert is harder and easy to tell because their times are much faster then the last ghost

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    Expert staff ghosts are ghosts created by experiences Nintendo staff that are quicker than regular ghosts.

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    the expert staff ghosts arent newbie

    the staff ghosts are

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    If you have an A rank, then you know you've unlocked the expert ghost.

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    Regular ghosts are people who submitted their time to the wifi, they ordinary

    Experts are people who are really good. at it.

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