i have an idea i have wireless and want to extend the range?

now sitting here looking at my hand held cb radios...i am wondering if its possible to tap into the cb antenna to send out signals from my wifi so others can pick up on it im in the boonies but have others within 1 to 2 miles away..will this work or is the frequency wrong to set up my own wifi free for everyone to use thanks steve different ..anyone did this ever herd of this..any ideas on getting my signal stronger..what about running two wireless routers at once.. im desperate here..looking for any good ideas thanks steve

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  • IanP
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    1 decade ago
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    CB operates in the 27MHz range, if I recall correctly, while your WiFi is up in the Ghz band (2.5 or 5.8) - unless you have old hardware running at 900Mhz...

    Very different frequencies, very different antenna specs.

    Mismatching antennas is usually bad news... all your output power goes into the mismatch and winds up reflected back to the RF stage of your router, keeping it nice and toasty-warm. Very little of it gets out - in fact, probably less than from the built-in antenna you already have.

    Yes, you can run two routers at once, with one in "access point" mode, but you'll need to run them on different channels, to avoid them interfering with each other and... you guessed it... reducing your effective range.

    It's possible to install a dsitributed anntenna system, with repeaters every few hundreed feet, but, unless you're willing to spend a lot of money - and I do mean a LOT of money - the benefits just aren't worth the effort.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Well I've seen people using USB wifi where it is plugged into the pc, then they make an antenna with a woc/saucepan lid and apparently they say say have signal 1k away.... So it could be like normal wifi but only pointing in one direction

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