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What do French eBayers mean by TTBE and TTBE+?

I'm watching an item on eBay and the description includes this abbreviation. I tried Googling it but only got pages of even more auctions with the same initials, all in French. Could somebody please tell what this is supposed to stand for? In its literal French, preferrably.


It seems to be more TTBE+ than simply TTBE. Google it and you'll see right away.

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    tres tres bon etat probably.

    very very good condition

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    On the Internet they say it means: That's To Be Expected. So it's not french.

    edit: I think Quiuu is right, it means Très Très Bon Etat (TTBE). There's also TBE (Très Bon Etat) and Neuf (New).

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    It's one of the acronyms to indicate the condition of the object to be sold :

    (n) "Etat Neuf" (New) ; (ttbe) "très très bon état" (very very good condition); (tbe) "très bon état" (very good condition); (be) "bon état" (good condition); (em) "état moyen" (average condition); (me) "mauvais état" (bad condition)

    So TTBE+ probably means "très très très bon état" (very very very good condition, 'as new', maybe : 'mint')

    Source(s): Belgian
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  • 6 years ago

    TTBE = Very Fine/Near Mint (9.0) à Gem Mint (10.0)

    TBE = Fine/Very Fine (7.0) à Very Fine (8.5)

    BE = Very Good (3.5) à Fine (6.5)

    EM = Good (1.8) à Good/Very Good (3.0)

    ME = Poor (.5) à Fair/Good (1.5)

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