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Men: Were you circumcised as a baby? And if so how do you feel about it?

Now that you are an adult is there any discoloration? And does it bend to any particular direction when erect (right, left, down, up)?


I don't want to circumcise my son (I have no kids, just thinking too far into the future). The foreskin has 2,000 nerve endings.

My fiance is circumcised, but I don't feel the need to cut something off of my baby boy.

Will Smith, Obama,Leonardo DiCaprio,John Leguizamo, Nicolas Cage, Paul Walker,James Earl Jones, Dane Cook, Frank Sinatra, Hendrix, Prince, John Mayer, they're all still intact.

I don't think it's my place to make that decision for my kid. His wife can change it if she doesn't like it.

I'm glad to hear alot of you don't have any defects from it though. :) congrats

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    Go onto the internet and read about how they perform a circumcision. It is incredibly painful, similar to someone prying one of your fingernails off when they rip the foreskin from the glans,...then they cut it off with a scalpal. There is no pain medication safe for use on a newborn so this procedure is done without anything to reduce the agony. There are also videos of a circumcision being performed that are enough to make you cry like the baby in the video.

    No baby is ever born needing to be circumcised. I left my four sons intact. I must have changed a million diapers and never saw any sign of any problem. There are growing up happy and healthy and without any disease.

    I was cut as a child and I hate it more than anything. I wish the decision has been left to me to make when I was of age.

    Go to google and search these three sites: NOHARM, NOCIRC, and NOCIRP. These are circumcision information resourse pages with well researched information and professional presentation.

    I am never in favour of circumcision at any time. It should be left for the child as an adult to decide. It sounds like you will be a good mother if you have already thought this out.

    Circumcision numbers are falling because people are realizing that all the old stories are myths. Don't even mention you want him to look like his father or the other kids in the locker room. The little guy can feel it just as much as you could. It is not better, cleaner, healthier, and it does not prevent masturbation. It has only negative benefits.

    I am an intactivist, or someone who opposes unnecessary circumcisiomn, especially of children. I help a lot of young guys who harbour a great deal of anger towards their parents over this one issue. I would be devastated to ever have my sons say the things about me that these young men say about their parents for having them circumcised.

    There are complications of uneven and ugly scars, reduced sensitivity, and exposure of the glans (normally protected) to feces in the diaper.

    For the sake of your sons to be born, yes, leave the little guys as you have grown them in your womb,...perfect in every way.

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    I was circumcised as a baby and am very pleased that my parents loved me enough to have this done for me.

    Had I not been circumcised in infancy I would have been wanting it done by my teens as it greatly reduces the risks of several STIs including chlamydia, HPV and heterosexually transmitted HIV/AIDS.

    If I'd had any sons I would have ensured that they had the benefits of circumcision from soon after birth.

    2000 nerve endings is a bit of an overstatement in respect of the foreskin, but the nerves there are not primarily sexual ones - these are mainly in the glans, especially around its rim.

    Circumcision does not discolour the penis, but one can usually see the two different tones of the former inner and outer layers of the foreskin unless the cut was placed very close behind the glans.

    Circumcision does not make the penis bend in any particular direction. It is normal for any penis, circumcised or uncircumcised, to have some sort of curvature to it.

    It is irrelevant as to whether certain politicians, actors, singers, etc have been circumcised or not. In the USA, for every uncircumcised one you name there will be at least 10 circumcised ones who could be named.

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    I was circumcised when I was a baby. I don't mind it. I don't mind that the decision was made for me. Nothing wrong with it. No discoloration, it points straight out, etc. The way I see it is that if I had decided to get it done, I am sure it would hurt. And I would actually remember that pain as opposed to being a baby and not remembering it.

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    Yes I was cut as a baby and I really wish that I wasn't. There is a ring around the shaft from where I was circumcised (I'm pretty sure all circumcised guys have this but how noticeable it is depends on the persons skin tone usually). Mine has a slight upwards curve but I think that's normal.

    Don't forget about Colin Farrell, Ewan McGregor and Macaulay Culkin all being uncut!

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    Yeah, I was circumcised as a baby. I didn't know what circumcision was or that I had to done to me till I was like 12, nor did I or still care that I had it done.

    No, there's no discoloration. Also, all penises have curvature to a degree when erect.

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    Circumcision done on babies is really ignorant. The only purpose it serves is to cause them a lot of pain and to maybe reduce their sexual pleasure later in life. Oh, and to make it look like one parent wants it to look! That's pretty much it. And yes, I was circumcised at birth unfortunately, but my mother has already acknowledged that it was a decision based in ignorance! Knowing what we know in 2009, anyone that thinks circumcised is better is a moron!

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    I was and I dont even think about it, the old boy works just fine. I am 8.5 inches 6.5 girth and it goes staight up and is brown because I sunbath nude. By the way how do you know Obama is intact?

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    Yes, I was circumsized as a child and there is no discoloration. I don't really care any other way.

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    Circumcision ius normally healthier for a man and on average more men have it most women wont even look at an uncircumcised penis

    Men that arnt are more prone to STIs .Do the smart thing

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    i was circumsized and im totally fine with it. i would live with either one, but cant do anything about it now! technically, its healthier because theres a less chance of catching an infection if you are circumsized.

    no discoloration. i have a normal functioning penis and i love it. it bends up a wee bit when erect but that just means theres a better chance of hitting that g spot. plus a girl i know once said that it feels better when theyre circumsized, so whatev lol

    why do you ask?

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