Well here it goes , which city is better Leeds or Salford (greater manchester)? and why ?

I'm getting alot of comments about salford being a poor place and with high crime rates but is it that bad?

I mean there are some places in Leeds that are bad !!!

I'm asking because I'm going to uni this year and i have to choose between these two cities as i got an offer from salford uni but not for leeds (they still havent replied yet)


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    I can't really comment on Salford as a place as I've never been in that area, but according to Wikipedia, it isn't such a nice place to live:

    "In August 2005, a survey by Channel 4 television rated the city as the 9th worst place to live in the UK (based on criteria of crime, education, environment, lifestyle and employment).[25]"

    However, there are bad estates in EVERY town, whether that's Leeds, Manchester, Essex, Derbyshire, etc etc.

    There are lots of places in Leeds which are "bad", full of unemployed "people" who get kicks out of setting people's cars on fire, stealing from people, etc.

    Gipton, Seacroft, Halton Moor, Chapeltown and Chapel Allerton are all places I recommend you don't go to.

    I grew up on 3 "rough" estates in Leeds, but I've never had any problems with any of the youth there, probably because I didn't get involved with any of them.

    If you was to go to Leeds, you'd probably rent a house in Headingley, Hyde Park, Holbeck or Meanwood as they're closest to the universities.

    There is theft in the area, usually when students leave their house door unlocked and go out, quite common in most areas populated with students.

    Good luck!

    Source(s): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Salford Lived in Leeds for 21 years.
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