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Where can I buy bricks?

red bricks (hard) - 3 3/4 x 2 1/4 x 8 in.

fire bricks - 4 1/2 x 2 1/2 x 9 in.

anywhere close to zip code 90005 or via internet

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    red bricks at Lowe's, home depot landscaping places

    fire bricks at any fire place shop, Lowe's home depot,

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    Consider the area to be covered with brick or stone and calculate the square footage you require.

    Step2Make sure that you know the labor costs if you plan to have your brick or stone professionally installed. These costs can be considerable - fieldstone work will probably cost in excess of $15 per square foot for labor alone.

    Step3Visit several brick or stone dealers and see what types of stone and brick they offer. You can find dealers by asking your mason, checking with friends or looking in the yellow pages.

    Step4Check out the actual brick or stone you are considering - never place an order based on a picture or brochure alone.

    Step5Try to find a dealer who offers displays of the brick and stone as it appears when installed - this will usually take the form of small walls built of each material. It is important to consider the finished look - many materials look considerably different in large quantities.

    Step6Consider the variation in the material - many bricks and most types of stone vary considerably in color and texture. Make sure that you understand the range of color and texture in your chosen material.

    Step7Confirm the manner in which the material is sold. Brick is usually priced per unit, while stone is sold by the ton.

    Step8Check with the dealer on the coverage of each material. Stone is particularly variable - the number of square feet covered by each ton is different with the shape and density of each material.

    Step9Make sure that your final price quote includes delivery - masonry is heavy and these charges can be considerable.

    Step10Check with the dealer on the amount of cement required for the quantity of brick or stone you order.

    Step11Place the order and arrange for delivery.

    Step12Make sure the delivery truck can get to the area where you want the material dropped.

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    For the best answers, search on this site

    They were selling bricks at UNCC yesterday for $5.00 a piece, and attaching notes. I paid for a thousand of them in advance. 2 cubes, I think it was. So yes, I guess you could say I would buy a brick. One great big one for me, and one great big one for Elena, my "legal" immigrant wife. It was actually her, believe it or not, who instructed me to write the check. I can't wait to see the look on Senator Dole's face. And I will see it. We live very near each other. It's gonna be GREAT!

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    Firebrick Lowes

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    Depends on how many you are looking for...and do not order on-line...the shipping would be preposterous!

    IF one is close by, go directly to a brickyard or stone supply house. IF not, go to for firebrick, be careful here, make sure the seller knows what they are talking about.

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    Most building supply and big box hardware stores have bricks for sale.

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    step one...look in the yellow pages under masonry supplies...

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    complex task. search into google or bing. this could help!

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    complex step. seek using yahoo or google. this will help!

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