Young people with experience, please answer!!?

My son is 17, will be 18 next October. He will be a senior in high school at that time.

He is telling his younger brother (11) that he is moving out when he turns 18. Now, at this point, he has no savings, no vehicle, no job, etc. I'm not saying that he couldn't obtain these things. I'm just pointing out that he is planning on a MAJOR change without any of the basics.

Has anybody out there moved out at 18, with your senior year to finish, and what were your experiences?


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    I was out of school when I moved out, but I was 18. I did have a job and a car, but I got fired from my job. Needless to say, I had to move back in with my mom. Most of the time, when a kid moves out the first time, they always go back with their parents.

    But, even if he does decide to move out, he could always go with some friends. I guess he doesn't have to have a job or a car for that, he could just mooch off them. But I doubt they'd let that happen for too long.

    To be honest, I think I know what's going on in his head. He thinks it's going to be easy, and he won't have to pay much, if anything (I thought it was going to be easy when I moved out for the first time; it wasn't). So, if he decides to move out, let him, it'll give him a taste of the real world. But, when it doesn't work out for him, be ready for him with open arms. And don't worry, you won't be stuck with him forever after that.

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    I moved out at 18, I graduated early so I left school just as I turned 18 (that December) I moved in with my boyfriend of a year (we ended up living together 6 years), since I couldn't afford to live on my own. I struggled at first quickly adjusting to an adult's world. Having to pay bills, work full-time, partying, etc. I actually wasted my first year of college because I didn't want to take full-time classes and work full-time. I earned 9 credits that year.I later entered an accelerated program and graduated early. I also got my first credit cards and racked up a whopping $2000 in debt that first year and an additional $6,000 over the next 2 years. I had no savings either, but did have a job and car. It was hard to adjust to being an adult and being in a serious relationship. I partied way too much. I am surprised I was able to hold onto the job, finish college, run a household and party all those years. Having someone to split expenses with helped.

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    I moved out when I was 18[graduated at 17], with minimal savings which was basically enough for the move[moved cross country] and enough for the first months expenses. I got a job at Mc Donalds because it was an easy job and was enough money for me at the time. I was into having fun not saving and having an ideal life style.

    At 18 your son can do what he wants, he will be an adult, if he wants to move out let him he'll make it or he wont. Its not at 18 he tries to be an adult and move out at 22 or something.. Its at 18 he has had 18 years preparing, growing, and learning how to be an adult so at 18 he is ready.

    I did okay, some months were tight but I took up odd jobs to make extra money. Now at age 20 my husband and I are in the process of buying our first home and have a wonderful family.

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    I think he's just saying that. He might *think* it's going to be so easy. He probably imagines that life is SO easy when he hits 18. He'll be the oh so big adult boy, with no rules and the world at his fingertips. he he

    he'll see. There's a little thing called money that makes it's difficult when you're still in school. Maybe he plans on getting on a job. If I were you, though, I would encourage college or at least a trade school.

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    I think he's being unrealistic, I think most 18 year olds (today, that is) aren't even mature enough to move out on their own just yet. Maybe another year or two, because at 18 you may be an adult but you're still doing stupid things. Maybe another year or two, depending on how mature they are.

    By "mature" I mean with proper judgment and the ability to support themselves right off the bat, which many 18 year olds cannot do very easily.

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    When I was at that age, I kept saying that I was going to move out. Usually because of anger. But, never really did till after graduation. It was tough and hard to keep up w/ payments. This was a good experience for me. I learned to budget and stayed out of trouble. Teens usually like the privacy so when living at home with parents, they find any way to be out. Once on my own, all I did was hang out in my own place. I ended up moving back with my parents and formed a better relationship w/ them. A good lesson learned.

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    to answer you question. no i didn't move out when i turned 18, i went directly to college and moved out once i graduated.

    one thing i'd like to offer up is that he's probably just dreaming big. i wouldn't even say a word to him. he'll figure it out on his own and realize that it's not possible without the few things you mentioned. there's no way in hell. unless he thinks your gonna do everything for him then he's dreams are bigger than reality..

    i'm sure alot of teens hope they'll move out when they turn 18 but it's just not possible, especially without a job.

    i wouldn't be surprised if once he graduates he gets a job and starts looking around to move out but he'll taste reality once he does.

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