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ik weigh 135 pounds at 13?

hi.. im 135 pounds and 5'1.. and im 13.. i was just wondering do u think thats fat??? i need some tips on how to lose weight fast.. helppp!

btw.. i used 2 weigh 140..


i only drink water.. no sodas or juices.. i dont eat much junk food.. i dont look fat at all.. my bf..sed that im skinny.. but idk? i have curves.. and a flat stomach

Update 2:

i also workout like 2 times a week for 2 hours.. at a gym.. my dad makes me go.. for sotball training...

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    I would say you don't need to lose weight at all...from what you say you keep yourself very fit...Muscle weighs more than fat...guys like the curves.

  • Dont stress...

    Yes, you could stand to lose a few so that you will be healthier. Do it in a good way though. Set short term goals... like, "today im not going to eat any sweets and im going to walk 1/2 mile". and then keep building up more and more... eating better and exercising more.

    Dont be surprised if you gain a few pounds once you work out. Muscle weighs more than fat.

    Pay attention to what you put in your mouth... not junk. Keep eating though, small heatlhy portions throughout the day.

    Good luck. Youre young and the weight will come off if you just start paying attention to what you eat and exercise. Dont be down on yourself if you eat a snickers one day. it happens to all of us. just do better the next day!

    Source(s): 25 year old woman... been there done that!
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    It's not the weight that important, it's the actual amount of body fat you have. You may be very muscular and have little body fat and yet still weigh 135 pounds or more. It's important to determine the amount of fat you have first, usually by skin fold measurements. Once you determine your percentage then you can gauge how much you need to lose. The obese are 30% bodyfat and more.

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    You're only 13. I'd focus more on eating healthy and having a healthy lifestyle (excercising, not having any bad habits). If you keep that in mind, your weight loss will follow. Just stay active and stay away from the junk food.

    If you don't look fat, and you work out, and you eat well... what are you asking for? Dig for complements much?

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    no your fine.

    im the same age, same weight but about a inch taller than you.

    you have no need to loose weight if you have a flat stomach.


    and with all the stuff you do i don't think you need to loose weight.

    unless your tummy is bulging then you might be over weight.

    but from how you described it your tummy dosen't bluge.

    and not to get to technical but like your boobs can affect your weight to

    lol not meaning to sound gross

    but if you move up a cup size (and im just guessing) you might gain about a pound or 2 =]

    your fine don't worrie =]

    Source(s): yahoo awswers for giving me the cup size shizz
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    if you lost 5 pounds then that's good. keep it up!!! but to the question if your fat um your only as fat as you think you are. dont look in the mirror and look at the bad parts of your body look at the good parts. now and days if your not super skinny (bones) then your fat. so honey dont let no one put you down. and your not fat your PHAT!!! lolz ; )

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    If you look fine don't loose weight. Its just because of your body type that you weigh that amount. If you loose more weight you will end up looking too skinny.

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    if you lost 5 pounds, you can lose 5 more or as much as you want. you don't seem to need advice. and yes, you are a little overweight.

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    It depends on where most of your fat goes!

    I am ninety-eight pounds and 5'3. I am fifteen.

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    your a bit plump or chunky. not fat

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