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Why did OBAMA want to be president anyway?

Doesn't he know that they "give it to the brothers" AFTER whites have rendered a neighborhood, park, company, town or state is in the tank, broke, in disrepair or completely immoral. In this case, it is the country.

This is a MOS DEF joke but true.


I am not a racist. I am a realist.

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    A better question might be, why would ANYONE want to be President?

    To be the President, anything you've ever said or done, anyone you've ever associated with, any political view you may have held as a younger man, any substance illicit or not that you may have consumed, all THAT is put under a media microscope as so-called experts and analysts pontificate 24 hours a day on television and the web about the minutia of your entire life.

    I guess to go through that for almost 2 years, that Obama must have really WANTED to be President.

    God forbid we should have a well spoken, well educated, thoughtful leader as the President of the United States that can articulate their vision for the country.

    The man is either a saint or certifiable.

    I'm leaning towards the former.

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    He's there to create a bunch of HISTORIC MOMENTS for the media:

    Watch for these headlines:

    - Obama's Historic Presidential Inaugeration

    - Obama's Historic Steps Into The White House As President

    - Obama's Historic Signing of His First Piece of Legislation

    - Obama's Historic Basketball Court in the White House Basement

    - Obama's Historic 3-point Jump Shot In The White House

    - Obama's Historic First Dump In The Oval Office Toilet

    (Yeah, I'm sick of it already.)

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    It's a power thing - he never had the "black" experience in this country like Condi Rice or Oprah Winfrey. They say ppl who've had his upbringing - disinterested mother - missing father - have issues from childhood ( look up under Bill Clinton ).

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    Maybe it was time for a change or, maybe he just wanted to p!ss off the ignorant and, small minded bigots of this country. If that was what he was trying to accomplish. He's done a pretty good job.

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    Than you should be asking why did McCain want to POTUS, right?

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    and what did the so called bruthas give whites

    illegitimate babies

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    nah not a realist...more like real stupid.

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    Because he is an egomaniac.

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    1 decade ago

    To piss you off.

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