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Can South Africa beat India to become world's number 1 team?

They are also improving, even though i admit that with a far superior and a balanced bowling line up India will be tough team to beat but SA can do it on a given day because they play with great spirit.

Q2- Do you think Australia can maintain its place at number 3 or will Sri Lanka replace them?

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  • Angelo
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    1. South Africa is not yet No. 1

    2. South Africa cannot beat INDIA in the coming series, because they are playing in INDIA, & its very hard to beat INDIA in INDIA.

    3. Its going to take a very Long Time for Sri Lanka to be number 3.

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    To be fair, South Africans have won every test series against India held at South Africa. Indians have won most of the home series too. But they tied the last one 1-1 and lost a series in India while Cronje was the captain. So South Africans can definitely beat India. South Africa do not have to beat India, they have to beat Australia to be the official #1 team in the 3rd test match.

    Aussies are in the rebuilding mode now and I think that very soon they will start coming back as they got some pretty good first class players coming up.

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  • South Africa is turning to be a good team and they won the series 2-0 and that's shows how good they are. India couldn't do what SA did. I think SA has what it takes to beat India. Am not sure if SA can beat India at their home. India is tough team to beat. Srilanka is also a good team. I don't think Australia can back up soon because Australia don't have a good spinner they have new people in their team.

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    Beating India in India can be tough but I think SA will win at home against them. They haven't lost a test series for past two years. The side is also young so the players will be around for a while.

    We need to see how India performs overseas before we can make any conclusions.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Whatever it may be, South Africa would not have even dreamt of beating Australia, if it was not for India humbling the latter more than once - once on Australian soil (the factual result of India there was 2-1, but they manipulated it to make 1-2 for India) and again on Indian soil, beating Australia by 2-0.

    The trend setters are Indians and they deserve to be No.1, irrespective of what the ICC rankings would say. According to ICC rankings, Australia is still No.1. You can see the genuineness of the ratings here.

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    India showed some real promise against SA...only team

    Australia is naturally down after the loss of Warnie, Gilly, McGrath, Langer, Hayden in worst form, Symonds struggling, Watson out, Brat Lee struggling...Its not easy replacing people of the level of Warne, McGrath, Gilly, Langer, and the rest of the bunch...

    this was bound to happen soon enough...the newer lot couldnt hold their nerve and stay up to their seniors...they were legends of all time.

    and after what India did to them in CB series, the Australia India series test series in Australia and then the Border Gavasker series in India recently...they were simply not the same Australia anymore...they were never going to be...

    Not taking anything from the SA but I believe its India for now...SA might have the 1st position for a while because India isnt playing that many tests in 09 but it seems India for now...

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    if south Africa can win next match than south Africa going to the number 1 and India coming to the number 2 Australia going the number 3.

    South Africa not going stay number 1 much time coz I think India and South Africa going fight for number 1.

    A2- yes they can maintain its place at number 3.

    Source(s): look at ICC Test and ODI Championships Rankings
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    Sorry mate I think you have to rephrase your question like

    Can India beat SA to become number 1 team?

    Because SA will be no.1 if they beat Aus at Sydney else Aus will remain at the top spot.

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    yes , because south africa beat Australia and leading by 2-0.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    SA are already in front of India & will be even more so if they overtake Australia in the rankings.

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