Problem with search engine giving unrelated commercial sites for keywords?

I have been putting in keywords for various topics (searching for information) and in the past 2 weeks or so found that the top 5-10 listings are unrelated commercial sites (anti virus, shopping, etc.). This is happening on Yahoo search and Google search.

What is going on? Ex. "Pellisms" (relating to Sen. Pell) comes up with various anti virus sites and coupon/shopping sites.


The problem still is happening- putting in very legitimate searches, such as Senator Pell comes up with the deceptive list of websites. I checked my browser plugins, addons, ActiveX controls, etc, used my anti virus software and then the "Spybot Search & Destroy." No change. It seems it's not on MY computer- it's something with the search engines (I've used Google and Yahoo searches).

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    Sometimes you'll find paid inclusions along with the rest of your "organic" search results, but having the top 5 to 10 results be unrelated to the query, especially on non-commercial queries like "pellisms", is very strange.

    After briefly cruising around the search engines wielding "pellisms" in my clipboard, I did not encounter anything resembling what you're seeing. Not in the search results, not in the sidebar, not up top, nowhere. So I would highly recommend running a few quick checks. Check out your browser plugins, addons, ActiveX controls and whatnot to make sure something hasn't managed to install itself in there. Then let your anti-virus software have a spin around the entire block, and follow that with a run with the latest "Spybot Search & Destroy" to see if it's found anything hijacking your searches.

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    I am having the same exact problem as of yesterday! I can't figure out what is going on. It's happening on yahoo, google and msn search engines, but it's ok on earthlink search engine. Did you get yours corrected? and if so how? I did a virus scan but nothing came up.

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    Thats internet advertising, thats how Yahoo and Google make money.

    Companies pay them to put links to their sites after some keywords are queried.

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