Which fashion designer do you feel?

dominated the following decades




2000 if you cant answer all please can you answer some of them any imput appreciated thanxs

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    1 decade ago
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    well, many designers are involved in particular time periods..

    in my opinion i would say vivienne westwood played a huge part in the 70's having her punk fashion for that time period.

    Consider style icons as well as designers, for the 70s look at diane keaton, Farah fawcett, Patti smith, Siouxie Soux and jordan.

    As for the 80's and 90's designers i would just look into a few such as channel, and john galliano.

    If you wanted to look at style icons for these eras look at

    Madonna, cindy lauper, molly ringwald, pricess diana and boy george for the 1880s..

    For the 1990s look at people like kate moss and chloe sevigny

    Hope that helped!

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  • 1 decade ago

    2000 is probably Dolce and Gabanna or Marc Jacobs.

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