What is the difference between microprocessor and microcontroller?

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    A microprocessor is always reliant on external devices like memory, clock oscillator, I/O interfaces, serial interfaces, etc. A microcontroller is a microprocessor with some or all of these functions built in. It usually has built-in program memory which may be one-time EPROM or more commonly nowadays, flash EEPROM.

    Microcontrollers are principally intended for use inside "intelligent" products like printers, washing machines, robots, etc. whereas microprocessors are better for use in computers.

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    In turn of example : Old 8085 processors are Microprocessors, which require peripheral to work.

    Newer ICs like PSoC (System on Chip) 8CY29466, Altera, Rabbit are the micro controllers which include memory, program, flash inside a single chip. These are advanced controllers in the sense, you may have added hardware built-in to the chip, like D/A or A/D converter, counter, timer, trigger, RS232 serial interface. All things are available in 4 to 100 pin single IC.

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    microprocessor consists of

    ALU (arithmetical logical unit)


    control, I/O units

    a microcontroller also has a r/w memory

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    microcontroller includes memory and IO, in other words, a complete computer. Microcontroller needs external memory.

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