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Has anyone tried the University of Georgia cocktail diet pill yet?

Please, only answer my question if you have tried it. I don't care to hear the "real and only ways" to lose weight. I do weight watchers. I was just curious if anyone has. I read the article in woman's world mag and it does make sense. Thank you.


Did you read the latest one? Or did you read the one only combining two pills? The latest article combines three pills after they did more research and doesn't tell you to keep a 1200 cal diet. It says to eat what you want, but stop when you are full instaed, which is obvious, but thanks!!

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    Favorite Answer is pretty good

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    I read about it in Woman's World magazine in December and they have the 3 pills and a 1200 calorie diet ONLY 3 days a week 9the other 4 just eat what you normally would and stop when you're full). I did the pills for a week and didn't follow any diet (it was the week of Christmas) and despite the overindulging and overeating (no 1200 calorie days) I still lost a pound so that's pretty darn good! I'm starting today so we'll see....

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    I've not heard of that one, but do some additional research online esp look up reviews (and not on sites that sell the product). A lot of products sound good, but aren't. I haven't run across any I'm willing to spend my money on, and I've looked up a lot of them.

    Be as informed as you can be. I may see what I can find on this one also since you mention it. Never hurts to have more info.

    EDIT: This article touts the pill, and a 1200 calorie a day diet. At only 1200 cals a day, of course you'll lose weight! That's the bare minimum to keep your body out of starvation mode.

    EDIT2: I can't find any negative information on this mix or the individual ingredients (resveratrol, soy isoflavones, quercetin). At worst, it may not have any effect on weight loss, but it appears all 3 have other potential health benefits anyway. Might be worth a shot!

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