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What problems might come up with owning a laptop?

I'm thinking of getting a laptop but have never used one before.

Are the battery or power cords ever a problem?

Can I set up Cox internet on the laptop and not have to pay extra internet service for both of my computers (desktop and laptop)?

Is wireless internet service on a laptop like cell phone service where it might not work all the time?

What other problems have you had with a laptop?

Thanks! :-)

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    The battery will wear out over time and has to be replaced. On some laptops the power cord plug (the end that plugs onto the laptop) may wear out if it is plugged in and out often.

    You can access Cox Internet with your laptop and there is no extra charge for using multiple computers. You do need a router to do so. Your router is connected to the modem and the router distributes the Internet signal to al your computers.

    A laptop is not like a cell phone, unless you get a cell phone wireless attachment. This means, you can't go anywhere and use your laptop to connect to the Internet. You need to be near your router or what is called a WiFi hot spot. The latter can be found at providers such as coffee shops, collage libraries, McDonalds, Panera bread, Airports, etc Some you have to pay for access, while others like airports, collage libraries and Panera bread shops are free.

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    Biggest issue with laptops are around security and safety. I remember the first laptop I got - kept dropping it. You need to make sure you have a good bag, especially one that can handle accessories.

    If you are taking it with you out of the house (coffee shops, etc.) it is high risk for theft.

    If you plan on porting it a lot get an extra battery. Batteries can be a pain because after a year or so they seem to not hold a charge as well. As far as the power cord, no real problems just don't always expect to find a place to plug it in.

    If you buy a wireless internet service then it will be like the phone service - you can't always expect a good signal. Depends on how far you are from a synch point.

    Weight can be a probelm with a laptop depending on make/model and what you add to it. We have some development laptops that are serious weight to carry around.

    As far as the Cox internet, you would have to talk with them but, if they are like other ISP vendors you'll have to pay for both seperately. This is because your desktop will be stationery at home, could be connected to the router, but if you want internet access on your laptop away from home that will be a different service.

    They may have package deals though.

    Here are some sites that discuss pros and cons:

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