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How can I live my life better and leave the past behind?

1.) Now I weigh 200 pounds, I need to be 145 for a normal BMI . . . Do you think I can do it? What do you think must I do?

2.) I am a person with OBSESSIVE COMPULSIVE disorder, and I always thought that I have killed a lot of people or hurt them by contamination, bumping them, or slamming them or, hit them while walking or driving... How can I move on and leave the past behind?

3.) I need to have a positive and happy life... but what hinders me are my worries, fears, and everything like, is it ok if I leave everything behind so I can move forward? My past and my worries and paranoia is killing me . . . How can I have an optimistic life that moves forward?

HELP ME FIND WAYS TO REFLECT OR TO DO SOMETHING TO BE BETTER FOR 60 DAYS . . . Thank you so much! And if you can share an inspiring quotation here, that would be much appreciated! Good day!

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    Keep your thoughts out of the past. This will be challenging at first, but you will get into the habit after a while. We feel guilty, resentful, sad, depressed etc./ when we think in the past.

    Keep your thoughts out of the future. Thoughts of what could or may happen in the future make you fear, worry, have anxiety, panic, concerned etc.

    Concentrate on the NOW, the present moment you are living in. THIS is one of the hardest things to do. We usually have our thoughts in the past or the future,and we miss out on that moment. Keep bringing yourself back to what you are doing, where you are now, your surroundings. Just think of all the NOW moments that we miss because our thoughts are somewhere else/


    Change the way you look at things ---- and the things you look at change.

    You must be the change you want to see in the world.

    A man is but the products of his own thoughts.

    Self worth comes from one thing - thinking that you are worthy.

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    The answer to all of these questions is the same. Change must come from within. You must WANT to change or you will not change. No quotation will help you if you do not want to change, and no quotation is needed if you really want to change. Losing weight comes from the will to stop eating and start exercising. This is a decision from within to just do it. In this case I will be specific. Consider low-carb diets such as Atkins or Sugar-Busters. Not zero carbs. Just reduce your carbs. Stopping OCD comes from the will to leave the compulsions behind and leave things alone. It is not that you can leave this behind and drop it. It is that you can drop it first and THEN leave it behind. Having worries and fears are normal. Just don't let them guide your life into inaction. ACTION is how you break the cycle. Take positive control of your life. By taking control, THAT is how you move forward. THAT is how you change to optimism. Here is the clue you need for this point: When you feel you have nothing good on your horizon, you are probably right because such feelings tend to become self-actualizing. I.e. self-fulfilling prophecies. Similarly, if you can look forward to good times, you can be positive. I will point out that some of your discussion resembles clinical depression, which can be treated in various ways. Seeing professional help if you can afford it might be what you need. Don't worry about lustful thoughts and acts. (I'm presuming some form of self-stimulation?) Just do other things to take your mind off those acts and thoughts. Take up a constructive hobby. Don't shoot for 60 days. You'll fall off the wagon in 60 days and end up right back where you started. To make a long-term change in your life you must consciously decide to make a permanent change. If you shoot for short-term change, you'll get one. All of it comes from recognizing that if you want it badly enough, you can do it. The strength from within depends on your level of desire for this change. God won't help you from the outside. If you believe in God, just remember that you have God within you. And that is where you will get help if you can get it anywhere. If you do not believe in God, then you must take active steps based on a true inner desire to change. If you don't really want to change, trust me. You won't. It must come from a true desire to change, no foolin' and no cheatin' at any time. Let's also distinguish between wanting to change and wishing to change. Wishing is looking outside of yourself. Wanting comes from within you. Don't make a wish. Make a decision based on a need. Then carry out the decision. Inaction is the killer of change. Fear to change kills desire to change. So don't think I disrespect the difficulty of changing. It takes true courage to leave the status quo behind in favor of a new way of living. Good luck!

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    You MUST watch the movie "the Secret" it is eternally amazing and changed my life forever.

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    watch the movie 'the secret'

    anythign that effects you negatively FORGET IT

    anything positive try to multiply or intensify it

    remember its a new year, and just DO IT!!!!!!

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