Why does the news media give "palestinian" casualties and ignore all the Israelis killed and wounded by Hamas?

Also, how many "palestinians" were killed by their own people either unable to direct their missiles correctly or using women and children as human shields?


Supernova, thanks. I am appalled at what I saw. Teaching little children to carry military grade weapons and wear bombs! That is what these "palestinians" are teaching their children?

Update 2:

I beg to differ with the one that says no one is arming Hamas. The moslem nations are arming Hamas. They have more money to spend than we do because of their oil.

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    Because. Israelis are private in the grief and not looking for pity.

    Palestine has long been the media darling. There is an obvious bias against Israel every single day in the news.

    If somebody dies in Palestine and its suspect.. the news immediately blames Israel until the truth is shown to be otherwise.

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    because of the fact maximum individuals have very short-term recommendations, and purely think of with regard to the previous few years of rocket assaults, quite than the previous few many years of hate-fuelling unlawful occupation, and the media is going to mirror public opinion on the undertaking, as a manner to maintain their rankings. the sole people Israel has in charge for this conflict is itself - for occupying areas of the West economic business enterprise, for limiting help and nutrients etc into Gaza, and for fuelling hate against Israel for the final 4 many years. And all this crap approximately "Israel grow to be there first". Sorry, yet it is unquestionably no longer a valid argument. Boarders replace each and every of the time - look at a map of Europe 500 years in the past, no longer to show the hundreds noted with Israel/Palestine. And we gained't tutor who grow to be there first - because of the fact people have been there in the past Jewdaism grow to be invented - in the past heritage began relatively. And besides, who can tutor that those living there now are of any relation to people who used to stay there? And who's to assert a number of the Palestinians are no longer immediately descended from a number of people who initially lived in Israel?

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    Because there have been more Palestinians killed in this event so far than the total number of Israelis ever killed by Palestinians since the founding of Israel. Trust me if there where huge numbers on the Israeli side the Media would be used to report it or at least the US gov would or Talk Radio. Also It is highly improbable that thousands of rockets where set off by Hamas in one single night. THey dont have that many rockets to just waste in the NEGEV DESERT. How come if this many rockets where set of we hear no huge numbers even on Israeli NEws?

    By the way the term Palestinian was actually used before the Romans gave it to the entire region they are Palestinians diying in their own land. Deal with the truth.

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    1 decade ago

    It's because by 5 Israeli death there are 420 Palestinians killed and over 2000 wounded. And now Israeli governments' excuse Hamas but before them they always attacked Palestine and killed thousands of people...

    Ps: If you listen faşist Israeli government you can believe that all those Palestinians kids are militants(!)...

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    I am sorry to say but it only showes how Americans are ignorant in international matters... First the USA is the primary provider of weapons to Israel... and among all the arab and muslim countrys NONE are providing weapons to palestinans.... so it is obvious that there are more deaths in the Palestinian side ... also if CHILDREN are not send to war by their parents because most of them are orphans... and what other form of weapon do they have a part from blooing up themselves and what is there to live for when a child witnesses all their loved ones death...

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    Palestinians exploit the media for their own propaganda. Each time Israel responds to violent provocations and a Palestinian casualty dies, they broadcast it on television as if it were representative of all 400 deaths, of which 340 (85%) are militants.

    Hamas loves to behave like the media darling when their own media is indefensible.

    Palestinian Media:

    Dressing up toddlers as suicide bombers


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    because there only been 1 ot 2 israelis killed so far

    hamas is getting their butts kicked trying to get their land back

    whoever kills the most people gets the land.

    that is how war works

    *if a fighter jet bombs my house and kills me and my family is that me using them as a human shield , no it isnt!

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    1 decade ago

    The media likes rooting for the underdog 1.8 billion Muslims instead of the 13 million Jews.

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    1 decade ago

    Because Americans like an underdog?

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    1 decade ago

    check out what these Jews say


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