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What is the United Nations security council doing to help the people of Myanmar (formerly Burma)?

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    According to the article I just read (I will post the link below) the military has seized a shipment with medicines and food that was being provided by the United Nations. It is horrible what people are going through ! So far, the military of Myanmar has allowed organizations like 'Save the children' or " Doctors without borders" to enter the country and help the most needed. Unreal !!

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    well it is the UN so I will take an educated guess and say nothing

    but the ACLJ and a few other organizations have stepped up to advocate for Burma and its people though just shut down time and time again - :(

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    nothing. genocide's ok if you've greased the right palms.

    (please note my sarcasm)

    The UN is a waste of every resource known to mankind. and the world court can suck my *** till my head caves in right along with the UN. useless twits.

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    no much. i think they are moe concerned about the african countries at this moment . places like somalia , zaire , etc. get more aid than the others.

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