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Why can't I insert a tampon?

I'm almost 15 years old, I've had my period since I was 13 and I still cannot insert a tampon. I've tried light plastic tampax and i've tried KY Jelly. I know that its going in the right place because at one time my mom tried to help me insert one, but it was too painful. I have been trying for almost two years! I'm thinking I need to see a doctor, any advice? Oh and I'm pretty sure its not because I'm too stressed because I wasn't nervous at all the first 7 or so months but I feel really stupid because all of my friends can use them and I can't. I think my vagina is just too small.

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    Maybe its just not in the cards for you to wear tampons. Honestly, is it really worth it if you have to try so hard and go through so much trouble? There's nothing wrong with pads, I wear them all the time when I have my period and they work just fine.

    Also, you definitely should NOT feel stupid just because all your friends wear tampons and you still wear pads. The same thing goes for me -- all my friends wear tampons and I'm the only one who still wears pads. Don't let it bother you; you have nothing to be ashamed of.

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    It is possible--it happens all the time (especially if you use those really small tampons.) Straddle the toilet like you are going to the bathroom and push. If there is one already in there you should be able to feel it or the string while doing this. Don't panic. Just push and feel around to pull it out. If nothing is in there, the reason you have resistance is that you may be tensing up. Try to relax or lie down while trying to insert one. Every woman has had the experience of getting a tampon in side ways. Don't panic. Relax. Or try a pad.

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    The ones with plastic applicators *definitely* make things easier for girls who've never used tampons before... but once you know how, anything that's comfortable to wear will be easy to insert. If you do it properly and insert the tampon far enough, it won't hurt to insert one and you won't really be able to feel it while wearing it. My stepdaughter began using them without problems for her second period, just 3 months after her 11th birthday.

    Helpful advice (beyond the semi-useless package directions)? Yeah... just three things:

    1) Aim the tampon more towards your back than upwards... your vagina actually goes *back* for more than half of its length, not just up, and it's almost parallel to the floor if you're sitting on the john... and push it gently (twisting it back and forth a bit might help it slide more easily) as far in as the applicator will go while you're still holding the end of it. Push the plunger in while holding the barrel in place, then let go of the plunger and withdraw the applicator.

    2) It'll be easier to do the first time if things are slippery "down there", so don't wipe away any blood and stuff until you've got the tampon in place. If there's very little blood there, just smear a couple of drops of saliva on the tip of the tampon (or its applicator if it has one) and it'll make things a lot more comfortable.

    3) Relaxation is **important**. If relaxing isn't easy for you, try pushing just a little bit as if you're trying to poop or pee... your pelvic muscles will relax a bit and that will help a *lot*.

    There's also an OK video instruction about it at

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    I had the same problem.

    It's always best to talk with your doctor and find out whats going on, but I can tell you what my experience was.

    It took me a few years and when I finally "got it", they were never comfortable. It wasn't until after having a baby that I was able to wear them comfortably. I am not sure why that is.

    I am NOT,,i repeat NOT advising you to get pregnant!! LOL but I wanted to let you know my story.

    See what your dr. says and just keep trying!

    Oh, and the ones that always worked best for me was the OB non-applicator tampons. You push in with your finger. They were most comfortable.

    Hope this helps!!!!

    And again, NO SEX no BABIES!!!!! ;)

    Source(s): personal experience
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    I'm 21 years old ,and i can't insert a tampon. I know im not to small because iv had sex before. I think it just depends on the person.

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    it is impossible for your vagina to be too small. a whole baby can come out of that thing!

    you are probably just nervous and tensing up. and you are probably inserting it improperly. just because your mom helped doesn't mean that she did it right! (imagine putting mascara on another girl--just cause you can do it well on yourself doesn't mean that you'll be able to do it as well on someone else.)

    just relax. maybe forget about it for a little bit and try another time. your vagina can take a tampon. it is definitely not too small.

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    when i first tried using a tampon it was painful too. it hurts getting it in the first time you use one but then you adjust and get used to it. get the absolute smallest tampon you can find and put Vaseline on the end if it's hard to get it in. it will probably hurt the first time but then it will get easier. and if you can feel it you have it in wrong. also: if you do get it in and try to pull it out quickly it will hurt because it's dry.

    if this doesn't work, use a pad till you're older...

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    It is possible that the opening in your hymen is too small to allow a tampon to enter.

    Some girls are born with very small openings in their hymens (called a microperforate hymen).

    A microperforate hymen will make inserting a tampon or having intercourse very painful or impossible.

    You should see your doctor. He or she will be able to tell if you do have a microperforate hymen. The treatment is a very simple surgery to widen the opening.

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    honestly its about being relaxed and what my mom told me to do when i was young is to put one leg on the toilet seat and btw you're NOT too young try slimfits maybe?

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    wow... ive never heard of that before. i would deffinatly ask your doctor about it. that really does suck. :] you will get it one of theese days. dont loose hope

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