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i'm 13 and i'm excited about college! does 5 years go by quickly?

I know, don't say"enojy where you are", because i am. I am enjoying where i am. It just seems that times ig going so slowly and quickly at the same time. Will time pass quickly? will i all of a sudden be 18, and applying to colleges?

I try to think that, 22 year old ppl, were once my age, and went throught 14-18 years old.

idk, what do you think. will it go by quickly?

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    Yes - much too quickly!! I vaguely remember my teenage years (only *cough* couple *cough* years ago) but I remember every year I found something to regret. Growing up isn't always fair. Not that I believe I’m all that wise but I think I know more now than I did then. I wish that I realized how little everything really matters in ‘The Real World‘. Back when I was in grade school I was 'semi - popular'.. I kind of knew everyone from every 'group' but I know I was mean to some people and I regret it, it was the people I was hanging around with that I thought I had to act like a jerk. I missed out on so many opportunities. I missed out on getting on sports teams because I made it and not my friend and she didn't want me playing she couldn't. I missed out on better grades because I didn't want to look like an overachiever, missed out on boyfriends - never had a date until I was in grade 12! - my worst regret is that I never gave myself the credit I so deserved.

    I also remember being totally excited for university at your age. Now because you are so interested now, you can start to prepare. You should make yourself a folder/duo tang and label it "College Prep" - You can start by having a list of all the universities you want to go to, what their admissions requirements are (usually like having good grades and taking certain classes in grade 11 and 12), what degree you plan to take, what job you want, ect.- just a little information to keep you as interested and organized - it makes a big difference.

    Good Luck and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!! Enjoy your days. Don't rush it, trust me - trust me!! And please, take every opportunity that crosses your path! Don't be shy about ANYTHING!! Being shy is so pointless - I was really shy until about grade 10/11 - I finally understood (to an extent) that there was so much more to life than worrying about what people think about me. If I got a wrong answer - so what? I am a grade 9 teacher this year and I love getting to know my students. I want them to excel and achieve their dreams and then more! And I know that is what all of your teachers, friends and family all want for you - so please.. do everything you want to and enjoy being a teenager - time goes WAY faster than you will ever imagine. Work for scholar ships, towards friendships to last a lifetime and most of all - have fun.

    Best Wishes for your Future!

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    In the next five years you can expect some days to go by quickly and others slowly. You will also probably change your mind about what you want to study in college about a million times as you discover more about yourself and what you are passionate about. I'm 22 right now and those years seemed agonizingly slow when I was living them, but I look back now and they really flew by; either way though. Living each day is important as it allows you become who you really are. You don't have to enjoy it if you don't want to, but having some fun will make it go quicker.

  • 4 years ago excessive amount of so. I nonetheless form of think thirteen and I'm practically 19 now and I'm making use of to varsities correct now. I'm as worried as heck. Time went quite sluggish for me till I became 14 and suddenly it used to be as though I had been speedy forwarding although lifestyles. To reply your query, sure, you'll suddenly by means of 18 and making use of to varsities.

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    Im 20 yrs now and once I got into college it was like the years started flying by in the blink of an eye!!

    highschool days seemed to drag on and on(tho i loved them a lot)

    college is so fast paced a year seems like only a few months

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    Life is a downhill race. Do all you can to keep your grades up, form good study habits and college will be the best time of your life!

    I am 47 this month and I can tell you the the last 25 years seem a bit shorter than a snap of the fingers.

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    It will go by faster if you try not to think about it ;)

    If you're that excited about college, then focus on school and getting good grades. Start thinking about your major, and where you would like to go.

    Once you're in high school you can look at taking some summer classes for college credit if you would like.

    I'm a high school senior, and it doesn't seem like that long ago I was 13... Be happy, it all goes by so fast. Sometimes it's better to be younger.

    Good Luck!

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    It goes by before you know it. I remember being 13, not a care in the world. Now I'm 20, pregnant, in college, applying for nursing school...growing up--really fast. Every year went by faster than the last for me. So be sure to make it worth it. Keep your eyes on that high school diploma, then the college degree, and landing the job of your dreams. Before you know it, you'll be 30.

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    It does go by fairly quickly. I'm a junior in high school and I'm a bit nervous about applying for schools this summer. If you wait for it, it may appear slowly but junior year it will hit you. I'm glad to hear you are enjoying where you are, but also enjoy the possibility of the future, the opportunity is endless!

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    When your 13 time seems to drag by and when your 30 it goes by so fast. Just think 3 years ago you were ten and that seems like a long time. Just enjoy the time your in do well in school and keep your grades up. Its good you're looking forward to college . These years will fly by you sound like a good kid just keep up the good work

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    Wow, you seem really mature. Im not being sarcastic or anything either. I am 19 years old and I guess all I can tell you is you wont realize how fast it goes until you get to it. I mean I started college last September 07 and I cant believe Im almost done with my second year. So yea, it will go very quickly. Youre going to say HOLY CRAP Im driving myself, HOLY CRAP college, and so on. Itts pretty cool.

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