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What are some good excuses to get out of work?

What are some excuses people have used to get out of work, or to leave work early?

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    One guy I worked with who turns out was an alchoholic would miss at least 1 day a week. He called in one day and said his house flooded. He lived in a trailer house and it was about 2-3 feet above the ground. There is no way his house could have flooded! OMG we used to make so much fun of him and all his excuses!

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    1. I have a Doctor's Appointment

    2. Not feeling too good today

    3. Have to take my child for his Dentist Visit

    4. My Mom is coming in from out of Town

    5. My long lost Brother is finally been located and the family is meeting him at the Airport for a reunion...

    6. I have to go in for my POST-OP at 12 noon for my minor surgery which is scheduled next week...(THIS ONE GIVES YOU A DOUBLE IN CASE YOU WANT TO TAKE OFF THE FOLLOWING WEEK)

    7. Have to take my Dog for his annual shots.....

    8. My friend is attempting suicide and I have to get to him or her ASAP...

    9. I am having an Anxiety Attack and need to get away for some air.

    10. My stomach is cramping terribly and I have made a BOO-BOO on my clothing and need to go home, but will return tomorrow....

    11. My spouse needs me home for an emergency....

    12..My Cable man or Utility man is scheduled to come to my house at 12:00 noon to repair my services and someone have to be there to let him in the house.....

    OK...I am totally exhausted remembering all these bad lies I told over the years.:)...I am laughing now.....

    EDIT:....I just remembered another one....I have Diarrhea and cannot stop going to the bathroom....have to go home right now!....(LMBO) laughing my butt off!

  • JayJay
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    The most unique one I have used is...

    Garage door springs broke and I couldn't get the car out of the garage.. I had to wait several hours for the repair man to come and fix it.

    Most people can not lift a double size garage door on their own without the springs.

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  • dad
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    1 decade ago

    You have the Hershey squirts . Grosses them out and makes them want you to go .

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    each and everyone of us had a time that he needed to leave work for something, so just tell them i have something important to do, its very important, something personal, i dont think they will ask what when u say its something important. try that, i have done that and it worked.

  • KRS
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    Get hurt on the job and collect workers comp. Get your money for nothin' and your checks for free!

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    I've thought about calling in telling my boss that I am still looking for one of my false eyelashes that I lost last night and will be in as soon as I find it.

  • 1 decade ago

    doctor appointment

    something in your house broke -- like your washing machine and you have to be home to let the repairman in

    something to do with your kids

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Your cat got sick and you have to take him to the veterinary.

    It will make you look sensitive and believable.

    If you don't have one , later you can say that it is died and you can get even extra day off;-)

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