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Is it okay to wear this ice skating? =)?

Is it okay to wear skinny jeans ice skating? Can't I just stick them down in the ice skates? I'm probably going on vacation in a few months and I want to try ice skating (for the first time).

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    also try wearing leggings under the jeans (like tights). and a long-sleeved shirt, jacket, coat, scarf, gloves and hat..... layers, layers, layers

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    I am going ice-skating tomorrow, and I am wearing skinny jeans and a turtleneck. I think it's more comfortable wearing that. Wide-legged jeans always bunch up and get annoying!

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    yeah skates are just heeled boots with blades at the bottom you might not beable to more & when you fall you will be soaking wet because ice melts on your jeans & they dont dry fast so you will get cold if you fall

    have fun your first time skating! but you will fall & it might hurt but dont let pain stop you from skating i know some one who skated at regionals or sectionals with a broken foot!

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    Definitely all right -- but they might be a little uncomfortable. Maybe regular jeans, or even sweats, would be more comfortable. But if you're okay (you won't be able to move around a lot, and falling might be painful, especially if you're just starting) then go ahead. It'll be fine!

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    Sure you could! you would probably not be able to move your legs as freely as you would wearing sweatpants but skinny jeans r fine.

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    u can wear whatever ur comfortable in as long as ur not in a class, in which case ur not allowed to wear jeans. jeans get and stay wet if you fall though, so i reccomend yoga pants. best of luck!


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