Renting a car from Paris to London?

My family is going on a trip this summer, and we'd like to rent a car in Paris and drop it off in London (we will take it on a ferry to get across the Channel). We are neither French nor English (we're American), if that matters. We've looked on many, many car rental sites but only Hertz has allowed us to do this one-way rental (and for $1700 US dollars, which seems like an awful lot for 5 days!)

Are we missing something?

Are there any sites/companies you can suggest to us?

Thanks so much!!

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  • Gerd P
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    1 decade ago
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    Although European Union countries have a lot of joint legal provisions there are still a lot of national peculiarities. One is car renting. You can't rent a car one-way and just drop it off in another European country. They would ask for a horrible fee since the car would have to be transported back on a carrier-truck.

    It is almost impossible to get a car rent on your destinations since France has left-side driven vehicles like in the USA whereas British cars are operated right-side driven.

    If you plan your travel by rented cars you should go for a car rent in France to Calais and another one in Great Britain from Dover, or you should just choose the train travel, since European trains are more effective and quicker than road travel.



    Based on your E-mail

    why do you want to go from Cherbourg to Portsmoth?

    The shortest travel by ferry would be from Calais to Dover and you will find lots of car renters which rent cars from Paris to Calais and from Dover to London.


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    3 years ago

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