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bunch of virgin Margarita questions! ((10 POINTS))?

the first one to answer all the questions to there full potential will get the ten points!

VM- virgin margarita.

- do VM come on the rocks

- do they come with the little shakers.

- do they come in the glass, with the salt

- do they make them at chilies.

- is there an age limit on them.

- what are in them

- what are the diffrent kinds of mixes you can have?

i was reading and it said that the virgin daquires where the best way to go if you where going virgin.

last one XD

what are some really good virgin drinks.


we are going on my besties birthday,

shes turing 14, and i am already 14

like i said the first one to answer all the questions with knowledge will get the 10 points.

thanks in advance


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    Virgin margaritas can come on the rocks or blended, Whichever you prefer.

    Most margaritas won't come with little shakers, that's just preference. If you'd prefer to have a shaker you would want your margaritas on the rocks.

    They can come in the glass with the salt, again, whichever you prefer. I would say skip the salt if they're virgin, salt is more for the tequila.

    They can make them at most all restaurants, so Chili's most likely has them.

    I have a great recipe for virgin margaritas. Buy a can of minute made lime ade (don't add as much water to the lime ade as the recipe on the can suggests.) Get some orange juice and some sour mix, and you should be all set!

    Also, virgin mojitos are great too. You just need sugar, min leafs and water, or soda water. Maybe just a little sprite too. You can make them in raspberry, regular, coconut lime (using coconut water instead of regular) and mango.

    Good luck!

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    A virgin margarita isn't anything more than lime juice and sweet and sour mix. All the flavor comes from the sourness of it and Tequila, wich adds more flavor. If you wanna drink lime juice thats fine and legal..but nasty. Try virgin Coladas ( coconut mixer at a grocer and a blender) or even better and sweet are virgin Daiqueries- strawberry. All that is are frozen strawberries blended with ice in a blender.

    Source(s): bartender----oh, theres no age on virgin drinks, but to consume alsohol its age 21. Stick to frozen blended fruit and you'll have a blast. Add banana. coconut milk. but what is really needed is a blender..
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    ya VM come on rocks

    ya they do come in little shakers

    ya they do come in a glass with salt

    i think they make them at chilies

    there is no age limit

    just the mix of the drink you ordered and sugar and ice (if blended)

    Virgin Daquries, mexican Martinis, Margartita, pina colada

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    why have virgin?!

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