Poll Survey!!!! WoOoO Baby! Girls Only?

Answer all the questions please for fun. You are 23 years old!

1. You like this guy and he likes you, you end up going to get married, but your mom says she doesn't want you to get married, do you disobey her and get married or don't get married?

2. You 24 and you are having a baby the father is the man of your dreams, what do sex do you wish for?

3. You are 5 months and you are have twins, and it is a boy and girl, what will be there names?

4. Your mother in-law wants you to name them with the same letter that startes the name, do you do it or go with different letters for the first name?

5. You are 9 months and you are having sharp pains that stay right in your stomach, do you go to the hospital or let it stay?

6. You gave birth a week ago, your job call and said you have to go back to work, do you go or quit work.

7. You are trying to find a job that you can stay home with your 6 month twins?

8. The twins birthday is coming up what are going to buy them?

9. Your husband bought them a tricycle, since they can't ride it yet, do you take it back or keep it for next year?

10. A pharmacy has offered you a job that is well paying do you take it or do you wait till the children are more older?

11. You went to the doctor because you were throwing up, they said you were with child again, what sex do you want?

12. You found out you were have quadrouplets, they're 2 girls and 2 boys, how are you and your husband going to take the news?

13. What are you going to name them?

14. Your mother lives 2 hours from you, she becomes sick and wants you to come take care of her, your 8 months, do you go or not go?

15. Your 9 months and you are home, your husband left just 10 minutes and won't be back till later, Oh no your water breaks, you panic what do you do?

16. Your in labor for 5 hours, but gave birth to 4 heathy babies, you go home after a week, do you rest and go to bed or play with your almost 2 year olds?

17. The 4 kids are 5 years old now and the twins are 7, where do you and your husband take them for being good that day?

Now you and your husband and 6 kids are happy!

Hope you had fun


Thanks everybody

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  • 1 decade ago
    Best Answer

    1) Get married (only if I'm in love with him and been with him at least a yr)

    2) either as long as its a healthy baby

    3) Camryn and Jayden

    4)maybe if her name starts with a c or j

    5)Go the the hospital

    6)I'm sorry I quit( a wk after giving birth come on now)


    8)Clothes and toys

    9)Keep it

    10)take it

    11)either surprise me

    12)shocking but overjoyed



    15)call him up

    16)rest and let daddy handle everybody

    17)Mcdonald's and to the park

  • 1 decade ago

    ♥Answer all the questions please for fun. You are 23 years old!

    1. I would disobey her. My family does not believe in marriage, yet we want to get married? I will follow my heart, she needs to accept that.

    2. I secretly wish for a boy, as he is praying for a girl. True, but I will love ANY child we have.

    3. Naru and Nala

    4. Whatever I want, it aint her kid.

    5. I have my kid at home

    6. QUIT!!!!

    7. Nope, thats the mans job

    8. I buy em clothes and make them a cake and rattles.

    9. Keep it! That's him, always thinkin ahead!

    10. depends on hours

    11. GIRL!!

    12. Hes gonna drink a gallon of vodka, which is odd for him cuz he dont drink.

    13. Sarah Caroline, Caleb, Wyatt, Astyln Raynne

    14. Hell ya I go, she did it for me when I needed her!


    16. rest.

    17. The zoo.

  • 4 years ago


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