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What is a simple event in probability?

What is a complementary event?

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    An event is a collection of possible outcomes.

    A simple event is the event of a SINGLE outcome.

    For example, the event that I roll a 7 with two dice is an event.

    But the event that I roll snake-eyes (1 and 1) is a simple event.

    A complementary event is just the opposite of an event.

    The complementary event to rolling a 7 is the event that I do not roll a seven. It consists of all the outcomes NOT in the original event.

    ------- ------- ------- ------- ------- ------- ------- ------- ------- ------- ------- -------

    Say it's just a question of "pick a number, 1 2 or 3."

    The possible outcomes are {1,2,3}

    An event could be: "You pick a 1."

    That is a simple event.

    An event could be: "You do not pick a 2."

    That is NOT a simple event (two different outcomes are this, 1 and 3). However, what if I said:

    What is the complementary event to "You pick a 2"?

    It would be "you do not pick a 2," which we just looked at.

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    Simple Event

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    roll of two die

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    the comp event is the event that the input isn't what's given. like if you wanted to know what percent of kids drink, the comp event would be the percent of kids that DO NOT drink

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    an event that leads to an outcome

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